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[EMS Users] VAv3 Compliance Report (March 2017)
Posted by Dwight Crews on 27 March 2017 09:02 AM

The Division of Trauma and Critical Care within the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) has just released the VAv3 Compliance Report for March 2017.  The report is generated each month and provided to the Director of OEMS, the Division of Regulations and Compliance, and the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund (RSAF) Grants program.  See the following link in the Knowledgebase for the report.

The deadline for EMS agencies to transition from NEMSIS Version 2 to Version 3 standards was December 31, 2016.  All agencies should now only be reporting Version 3 data to VAv3 as of 1/1/2017.  Any reports submitted by EMS agencies under VPHIB v2 after 12/31/2016 are out of compliance and are not included in this report.

The data in the report is compiled from VPHIB v2 (March 2016-December 2016) and VAv3 (March 2016-February 2017) records as of 3/22/2017.

In addition, the compliance status reasons on the report are shown below.  The bottom of the report also contains a key to help interpret the report.

Note: Compliant and Non-Compliant agencies are both listed on the report.

  • BR - Behind Reporting (Yellow)
  • NR - Not Reporting (Red)
  • FR - Full Reporting (Green)

If you have any questions or concerns with your agency's status, please contact us by either submitting a ticket at our VPHIB support suite,, or by sending us an email to

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EMS Agency Administrators now have the option to activate the External Messages functionality for their agency in the Virginia Elite system.  This feature allows agencies to have the Virginia Elite system send the preset generic message to a providers external email address (this is the email address listed under the user’s account) anytime they have a new message in their Elite inbox.  Basically, this works as an external notification to the provider that they need to log into the Virginia Elite system to review new inbox messages. 

For Administrators, this option is found under Configuration (Select your Agency Name --> Configuration -->  External Messages).  Administrators will only be able to set the “Send External Message in addition to Inbox” dropdown options.  Currently, this is set to Never.  If an agency decided to use this feature, administrators will need to change this setting.  The dropdown options available are:

  • Never: external emails are never sent to a user’s external email address and there is no option available to the user creating the inbox message to send this
  • Always: external emails are always sent to a user’s external email address and there is no option available to the user creating the inbox message not to send this.
  • User Choice – Default to On: The option to send an external email is checked but the user creating the inbox message can uncheck the option so that an external email message is not sent.
  • User Choice – Default to Off: The option to send an external email is not checked but the user creating the inbox message can check the option which would send the external email message.

The other items found on the External Messages screen (Restricted Message Text, Confidentiality Statement, and noreply Email Address information) cannot be changed.

For more information on this, please refer to the University section of the Virginia Elite system (under Community). 

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[EMS Users] - Auto Narratives functionality now available
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 06 March 2017 05:02 PM

Users with EMS Agency Administrator level access now have access to Auto Narratives.  This will allow agencies the ability to activate the available auto narratives in the Virginia Elite program.  These can be found by selecting the Agency Name --> Configuration --> Auto Narratives.  All Auto Narratives are currently inactive.  Agency Administrators will need to remove the active filter in order to see the ones available.  It is important to note that Auto Narratives cannot be modified (even OEMS cannot change these).  They can only be activated or inactivated.

As with several other features recently activated, OEMS is not mandating that agencies use this.  It is only being made available so that agencies may take advantage of the functionally if an agency chooses to.

For more information on Auto Narratives, please refer to the Help/University Section in the Virginia Elite system (under Community).  Once the University page comes up, information about Auto Narratives can be found under both the Admin section (Auto Narratives) and the Incident Forms section (Generating Auto Narratives) under the Contents tab.

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[EMS Users and Hospital Hub Users] - Virginia Elite - Scheduled Release
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 16 February 2017 04:32 PM

On Tuesday, February 21st, the Virginia Elite system will be updated to version  The update process will begin at approximately 9:00AM and take about 45 minutes to complete. 

During this time:

  • Online access to Elite will be unavailable.
  • Hospital Hub access to the Virginia Elite system will be unavailable.
  • Elite Field will work but records cannot be posted during this timeframe
    • Just post records after the update has been completed
  • 3rd party vendors do not need to take any action. The processing of records will pick back up once the release process has been completed.

After the new version has been applied to the Virginia Elite system, the release notes will be available in the ImageTrend University.  Please be aware that OEMS is evaluating all new features.  Ones that are available in the Virginia Elite system and can be made available to administrators at the agency level will be done so in a structured fashion.     

If there are any questions, please contact

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Report Writer is back online

ImageTrend and the Virginia IT group have completed their work and the Report Writer Module is the Virginia Elite system is now available for use.  All agencies should now be able to access this.

ImageTrend is still working on moving all “user created” custom reports over to the new servers.  This process is going to take approximately two weeks to complete.  Please note that any new custom reports you create (custom reports you didn’t have prior to the Dec move) within the next two weeks will be over-written by this process.   While we understand users may need to create a few custom reports during this two week process in order to run needed reports, we wanted users to be aware of this. 

New Modules

Worksheet Manager and Dynamic Power Tools are now available to users with EMS Agency Administrator level access.   Worksheets are questionnaires with a collection of questions typically related to each other.  Dynamic Power Tools will allow agencies to create customized power tools that you can add to your custom incident form.

Dynamic Power Tools and Worksheets can also be imported/exported via the ImageTrend Library module in the same manner as Reports and Forms.  This functionality is also now available to Agency Administrators in the Library module.

For more information on how these work, check out the video webinars in the ImageTrend Help/University Section found under the Community menu.  Once the University screen comes up, select the Learn tab (top left) and select Webinars.  Under the Webinars by Topic section, you will see Dynamic Power Tools and Worksheet Manager selections.  The webinars can be found there.

Please note - When viewing the webinars, keep in mind these are general ImageTrend videos and may refer to items or modules that are not part of the Virginia Elite system (such as any reference to Fire).  While OEMS is working to making more functionality available, we cannot make available items that are not part of the Virginia Elite system.

If you have any questions on this, please contact support:

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