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EMS Software Vendor Survey
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 16 April 2014 04:03 PM

VPHIB staff continue to monitor issues related to implementing Virginia's Version 3 EMS dataset (VAv3).  On April 3, 2014 the National EMS Information System released its survey results of when EMS software vendors are trageting to seek NEMSIS v3 compliance.  Below is an extract of that information for software vendors currently being used in Virginia. Based on the number of records submitted by each company, the number of agencies that use these products and each vendors history working with the OEMS our implementation timeline will remain Jul1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.  

We hope this information will be useful for agencies to communicate with its vendor about implementing version 3.  Please let us know about any concerns you have. 

NEMSIS EMS Software Company Survey

NEMSIS Software Compliance Webpage

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Got old Toughbooks?
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 12 April 2014 12:01 PM

Wondering what you are supposed to do with an old Toughbook (or similar device) you received through a grant from the Office of EMS?  Once your Toughbook or similar device reaches five years of usage there is no longer any obligation to the Office of EMS with that device.  Many agencies have asked about updating their software and using them as a back up.  You can do update them, sell them, dispose of them or anything else desired. 

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[EMS Users] April 2014 VPHIB Data Quality & Compliance Reports Posted
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 10 April 2014 08:27 AM

The April Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) and Compliance Report (CR) have been posted in the VPHIB Support Suite and VPHIB system knowledgebases click here.)

  • The DQD includes data from 2/1/2014 thru 2/28/2014
  • The CR includes data from 2/1/2013 thru 2/28/2014.

The scoring ranges for data quality are below and developed as a monthly average:

  • Green/Satisfactory = 95% or greater (compliant)
  • Yellow/Below Average = 90 – 94.99% (compliant if isolated month)
  • Red/Unsatisfactory = Less than 90% (non-compliant)

The quality dashboard will provide agencies with a snapshot of the quality of their data.  Detailed quality reports may be requested from OEMS through support suite.  For agencies using third party vendor software these reports are available in VPHIB through the upload process (Path = Modules/Reports/Data Transfer History/Data Quality Report). 

Note!  Don’t forget come July 2014 the VPHIB minimum data set (Vav3) will be changing.  Those not using OEMS’ State Bridge and Field Bridge license should ensure they will be prepared for the change.  Additional information can be found in the VPHIB Knowledgebase, VPHIB Support Suite, or OEMS website.

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[EMS Users] Getting New Toughbooks?
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 29 March 2014 10:16 AM

Plan ahead! - With 200 agencies receiving RSAF grant funding for new Toughbooks / field hardware we thought we would help you save time when they arrive.  It can take days to complete getting access to the state ePCR download site and access to your registration key.


Downloading / Installing Field Bridge

The Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services (VDH/OEMS) offers an electronic patient care report (ePCR) at no cost to all Virginia based and OEMS licensed EMS agency at no cost.  VDH/OEMS currently utilizes the ImageTrend Field Bridge product as our state ePCR.  The state’s ePCR, not only meets the state requirements for data submission, but also for documenting a patient encounter, and billing as well.

The version 2 state ePCR is Windows-based and can be utilized on any PC.  It cannot be used on Apple products, iPads, or Android devices.  Version 3 (implementation between 7/1/2014 and 12/31/2014 will be deployable on Windows based products and mobile devices such as iPads and Android devices. 

To install Field Bridge / the state ePCR your agency will need to have an ImageTrend Field Bridge Download Support account.  If you do not have a download support account from the last time your agency installed Field Bridge you can contact ImageTrend at or by calling 1-888-730-3255.  They will setup your access to the download page.  The download page also includes other software and instructions needed to install the state ePCR.

After you download Field Bridge you will need to have a Registration key issued by the VPHIB program and OEMS.  If your agency already uses the state’s ePCR we have your Registration Key on-file.  Registration Keys will only be distributed to agency VPHIB administrators.  If your agency has never received a Registration Key you will need to complete a “Field Bridge Individual Service Support Agreement” which can be found in Knowledgebase by searching “Downloading / Installing Field Bridge.

NOTICE:  This process takes time as ImageTrend and VPHIB staffs need to perform verification of your agency and your agency’s staff making the request.  Field Bridge is a proprietary product and it distribution is controlled.  We highly recommend planning ahead and storing your agency’s download support account information and your license key for future use.

Once you have downloaded Field Bridge / the state’s ePCR you will need to set it up for your agency.

1)  Click on the Field Bridge icon on your desktop.    


2)  In the upper left hand corner click on “enter registration key” to validate your software.

3)  Next; click on the “Settings” button to setup the synchronization.



4)  In the “Agency ID” box place your OEMS assigned EMS agency number.  Then put VPHIB’s website, which is the same one used to access VPHIB for all other functions.


5)  Once you have entered your OEMS agency ID and and the VPHIB URL click on the “Test URL” button (see below).  You should see a pop-up message saying the test was successful.  If it is not successful double check your agency number, the URL address, and be sure your computer has an internet connection by accessing any website.


6)  Once you click on OK to the pop-up message your Field Bridge should begin synchronizing.  The first synchronization will take some time as any updates made to the system will need to catch up as well as load all your agency staff and settings. 


7) WARNING!!  Do not change any settings on the “Database” tab.


8)  The application tab is of little use unless you have technical problems with Field Bridge in the future.


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[EMS USERS] March 2014 VPHIB Compliance & Data Quality Reports Posted
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 13 March 2014 11:03 AM

March 2014 VPHIB Compliance & Data Quality Reports Posted

The March VPHIB Compliance Report and the VPHIB Data Quality Dashboard have been posted.  The reports can be found within the compliance folder of the VPHIB Support Suite and the VPHIB Knowledgebase.

EMS data quality standards are based on the requirement that agencies submit the required minimum dataset in the specified technical format.  OEMS uses the widely accepted data standard that data should be at least 95% accurate.  Effective April 2013 agencies with a history of not meeting VPHIB data quality standards will be included on the non-compliance report.

Scoring (monthly average, not per record)

  • Green/Satisfactory = 95% or greater (compliant)
  • Yellow/Below Average = 90 – 94.99% (compliant)
  • Red/Unsatisfactory = 89.99 or less (non-compliant)

Should you have any questions or concerns with the validity of your agency’s status, please contact us in the same manner as requesting any other type of assistance http// or  The last page of the report contains a key to help you interpret the report.  Compliant agencies are not listed within the report.

Don’t forget VPHIB will be changing come July 2014!  Those not using OEMS’ State Bridge and Field Bridge license should ensure they will be prepared for the change.  Additional information can be found in the VPHIB KnowledgebaseVPHIB Support Suite, or OEMS website.


If the link above does not work you can cut and paste the following URL into your browser:

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