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[EMS Users] May VPHIB Data Quality & Compliance Reports Posted
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 21 May 2015 11:37 AM

The May Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) and Compliance Report (CR) have been posted in the VPHIB Support Suite Knowledgebase (

  • The DQD includes data from 3/1/2015 thru 3/31/20125
  • The CR includes data from 4/1/2014 thru 3/31/2015.

The scoring ranges for data quality are below and developed as a monthly average:

  • Green/Satisfactory = 95% or greater (compliant)
  • Yellow/Below Average = 90 – 94.99% (compliant if isolated month)
  • Red/Unsatisfactory = Less than 90% (non-compliant)

Effective July 1st. the scoring ranges will change to:

  • Green/Satisfactory = 98% or greater (compliant)
  • Yellow/Below Average = 95 – 97.99% (compliant if isolated month)
  • Red/Unsatisfactory = Less than 95% (non-compliant)

The quality dashboard will provide agencies with a snapshot of the quality of their data.  Detailed quality reports may be requested from OEMS through support suite.  For agencies using third party vendor software these reports are available in VPHIB through the upload process (Path = Modules/Reports/Data Transfer History/Data Quality Report). 

 Note!  If you do not know your agencies timeline for moving to the version 3 VPHIB program check your dates in the Timelines/Deadlines section at the following link: Some agencies begin moving this July!  Additional information can be found in the VPHIB Knowledgebase, VPHIB Support Suite, or OEMS website.

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[EMS Users] The VAv3 Forum for Today is Cancelled
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 13 May 2015 10:25 AM

Today’s VAv3 Forum is cancelled.  Due to schedule conflicts and limited new information to pass on, the VAv3 Open Forum for today will not be held.

The only new information to pass on is that most of our key resource materials have been revised and posted.

Training Videos and Implementation Guides – have been posted on the OEMS Website at  At this site you will find:

  • Transition Checklist
  • Transition Spreadsheet which provides timelines to assist your agency move from v2 to v3
  • VAv3 Setup and Transition (Video) – Basic Setup
  • VAv3 Administrator Overview (Video) – Introduces VPHIBv3 Functionality
  • VAv3 EMS Agency Staff (Video) – Overview for you providers
  • VAv3 Medical Director Overview (Video) – Provides OMD with an introduction to VPHIBv3
  • VAv3 Field Setup (Video) – Initial EMS electronic medical record (EMR) setup
  • VAv3 EMR Online access (Video) – Teaches agency that perform direct on-line entry of EMS data how to enter calls in the VPHIBv3 system.
  • VAv3 EMR Overview (Video) - Demonstrates entering an EMS response into the VPHIBv3 EMS EMR

Reference Materials at the VPHIB/VSTR Support Suite includes updated VPHIB VAv3:

  • Data Dictionary
  • Schematron File
  • Validation rules
  • Accepted Values Lists
  • Medications
  • Procedures
  • Provider Impressions
  • Protocols
  • Hospitals
  • Cause of Injury
  • Incident Location Type
  • Symptoms

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[EMS Users]Completed Implementing the New Provider Impressions.
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 30 April 2015 11:38 AM

Thank you for your patience.  We have completed setting up the new provider primary and secondary impressions.  We hope once users get used to the new list that it we be seen as an improvement to you ability to document EMS patient care.


VPHIB staff will begin activating the revised primary and secondary impressions as planned.  These change will have to be implemented in the “live environment” so users of the state provided Field Bridge may experience delayed synchronization as the new impressions are added.  Also, state Field Bridge users may be inconvenienced by the list changing during the day today. 

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.  However, with the list of provider impressions expanded, agencies should find it easier to create reports on current hot topics such as heroin abuse, and other abused substances, STEMI cases, adult and child abuse, greater depth of behavioral impressions, and so on.

Since the provide impression list is now around 225 (was 23 in PPDR) we grouped as many of the impressions together to help providers quickly find what they are looking for. Not every illness falls into a group, but the groups are:

  • Abuse – i.e. alcohol, cocaine, inhalants, narcotics etc.
  • Behavioral – psychiatric related complaints.
  • Burn – burn injuries by degree.
  • CV – Cardiovascular complaints (Note chest pain not presumed to be cardiac is under “Pain – Chest.”)
  • EENT – Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat.
  • Endocrine – i.e. diabetes and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Environment – cold and heat related illnesses, poisons, stings/bites, and toxins.
  • GI/GU – gastrointestinal and gynecological or urological impressions.
  • Infectious – i.e. flue, common cold, croup, bronchitis etc.
  • Injury – by body location (lac, fracture etc. will be managed through your assessment)
  • Maltreatment – adult and child abuses.
  • Neuro – i.e. altered mental status, seizures, strokes etc.
  • Newborn – care after delivery.
  • OB – pregnancy or child birth related.
  • Pain – common areas of non-injury complaints.
  • Respiratory – asthma, COPD etc.

The full list of impressions can be found in the VPHIB/VSTR Support Suite at

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[EMS Users] May Monthly VPHIB Submission Reminder
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 27 April 2015 04:04 PM

May Monthly Submission Reminder

OEMS will soon be developing its May Data Quality Dashboard report, May VPHIB Compliance Report, and April NEMSIS submission.  Please be sure your agency’s submissions / uploads are up to date.  All EMS responses up to and including March 31st should be submitted by April 30th.

There were multiple EMS agencies on last month’s compliance report for “under reporting (UR)”.  Under reporting is determined based your agency’s past history of reporting and the EMS call volume that your agency reported on its application for agency licensure.  If there has been a reason that your agency’s volume has dropped, please contact VPHIB support and request your volume be adjusted.        


 Version 3 Implementation is upon us

 Each licensed EMS agency has been assigned an implementation date/v2 Cut-off date.  The date for each agency can be found in support suite at

NOW is the time to let OEMS know if your agency has unique needs and would like to move your implementation date.  Requests for implementation date changes can be submitted through VPHIB’s support suite.  Please just provide a brief explanation why your agency needs to change its start date.  

VPHIB program staffs are hosting a monthly webinar meeting, on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM, to provide education, information, dispel myths, answer questions, and allow EMS agencies in attendance to communicate with each other as a source of peer support.

Here are some basics steps we highly recommend each agency do:

  • Delegate someone at your agency to be responsible for monitoring or seeking information related to the migration to VAv3.
  • Contact your EMS software vendor and confirm a delivery date for your new v3 product.  If your vendor is not in pretesting, active testing, or has passed testing with NEMSIS, OEMS highly recommends contacting your vendor.  This can be done by visiting the NEMSIS version compliance page at
  • Be sure your agency’s billing company or internal billing staffs have the tools needed for the new data set which is ICD-10 based.
  • Encourage your delegate to attend the monthly VAv3 Open Forum to learn and ask questions.

The Forum occurs the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 pm. 

To JOIN the meeting and be automatically dialed in to access the presentation go  AND call toll free 1-866-233-9464.  The meeting/room number is *6663691* and you will be asked for this when signing in on both the phone and on-line portions of the webinar.

The target audience will be:

  • VPHIB agency administrators/Agency staff responsible for setting up EMS your agency’s data collection and submission system.
  • EMS software vendors.
  • EMS agency IT staff (if applicable).
  • Agency leadership if desired.
  • VPHIB Program staff will host.
  • We do not recommend this meeting to field EMS providers or hospitals.
  • E-mail and posting on the VPHIB/VSTR Support Suite is our primary source of communication with agencies.
  • Join the RSS feed in the News section to be notified of new posting immediately.
  • Don’t listen to rumors that have not come from the VPHIB staff directly.
  • Don’t get anxious, angry, or frustrated without contacting VPHIB for help.
  • Your agency should have decided by now which elements above the states list you need to collect within your jurisdiction or your agency.

 The target audience will be:

  • VPHIB agency administrators/Agency staff responsible for setting up EMS your agency’s data collection and submission system.
  • EMS software vendors.
  • EMS agency IT staff (if applicable).
  • Agency leadership if desired.
  • VPHIB Program staff will host.
  • We do not recommend this meeting to field EMS providers or hospitals. 


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[EMS Users] - Issue with Google Chrome web browser
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 21 April 2015 02:03 PM

Issue with Google Chrome web browser

We have recently learned from ImageTrend that the most current update to the Google Chrome browser (version 42) disables the Microsoft Silverlight plugin by default.  For those agencies that have their own ImageTrend product, this specifically prevents you from viewing/modifying ePCRs via the Dynamic Run Form (DRF), Layout Editor, or generating map reports in the Report Writer.  For those agencies using the states ImageTrend product, you would only experience issues generating map reports in the Report Writer.  Please note that this will NOT affect entering run forms in EMS Field Bridge: this functionality is unchanged.

While it is still possible to re-enable Microsoft Silverlight (see instructions below) in Google Chrome, Google has announce that they will end support for Microsoft Silverlight completely by this September 2015.

If you encounter any issues as described, it is recommended that you consider switching your browser to one of the following options:

  •          Mozilla Firefox
  •          Microsoft Internet Explorer (v.10 or greater)

It’s important to note that these issues only affect Version 2 applications.  Version 3 (VAv3) will NOT be affected.  Other ImageTrend products that are not dependent on the above stated “plug-ins” such as Hospital Hub will also NOT be affected.

If you wish to continue to use the new Google Chrome browser, you may re-enable Microsoft Silverlight by following these instructions. These steps will only need to be taken once and then will work each time you log in to your system from Chrome.

  1.        In the URL bar in Chrome, type (or copy/paste) the following:
  2.        Select “Enable” under “Enable NPAPI” > Click “Relaunch Now” or "Enable".
  3.       Once in Service/Rescue Bridge and attempting the access a MS Silverlight dependent feature, click the “puzzle/red x” icon to the right of the URL in the URL bar, and select “Always allow plug-ins on (your site’s URL).”

For more information about the Google Chrome browser issue, you can view the following websites:

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