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[EMS Users] Beta Testers for VAv3 – VPHIB
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 15 July 2014 11:42 AM

As we finalize our preliminary schedule for beta training, we wanted to see if any other agencies were interested in participating in our beta test.  A few things to note for those of you that are not familiar with what is expected:

Beta testers:

  • Get to try out the new software early – 1st in line
  • Need to be aware that how it worked before may be and most likely will be different
  • Assist EMS with making the software “agency friendly” by providing detailed feedback (steps to recreate an issue, how something should be changed and why, etc.)
  • Need to be aware that things will not work perfectly
  • Will be not be required to meet the quality standards for beta records submitted during testing
  • Be willing to retry things to test out changes
  • Above all, “Be Patient!”

We are going to limit the number of beta agencies to ensure that we dedicate the resources and time necessary to testing.  This will help ensure that the general release and roll out goes as smooth as possible.  So, please do not be upset if you are not selected. 

If you are interested, please reply back with your name, e-mail address, contact phone number, and agency name. 


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[EMS Users] Tomorrow is July's Monthly VAv3 Open Forum Webinar
Posted by VPHIB Admin on 08 July 2014 01:54 PM

We apologize for the second e-mail July's VAv3 Open Forum is today Wednesday 7/9 (not 7/8)  See below for more.

VPHIB Version 3 Open Forum Meeting Today 7/9/14 @ 3:00 EST.

Working on the move of VPHIB to the new version 3 (VAv3) format; VPHIB program staffs are hosting a monthly webinar meeting, on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM, to provide education, information, dispel myths, answer questions, and allow EMS agencies in attendance to communicate with each other to as a source of peer support.

For our July meeting we are going to focus on the use of “Not Values” and Pertinent Negatives in VAv3 (version 3). We are also firming up out training schedule and wanted to share how we plan to provide training for submitting the new VAv3 dataset.

Agenda – July 2014 Meeting

  • Purpose of the VAv3 forum.
    • Use of Not Values and Pertinent Negatives:
    • Use of Not Applicable, Not Recorded, Not Reporting, and pertinent negatives,
    • When is Not Reporting Available?
    • Technically being able to submit not values vs. validation rules.
  • Approach to training agencies on the State’s version 3 program.
    • Beta agency training
    • Live Training,
    • Webinar training sessions,
    • On-line / On Demand Training,
    • Test Site,
    • Symposium training.
  • Question and answer period to ask OEMS VAv3 questions.
  • Agency to agency questions (may not be needed this month)
  • How to find VAv3 resource information and stay informed.

To JOIN the meeting and be automatically dialed in: To access the presentation go AND call toll free 1-866-233-9464. The meeting/room number is *6663691* and you will be asked for this when signing in on both the phone and on-line portions of the webinar.

Who – the target audience will be:

  • VPHIB agency administrators/Agency staff responsible for setting up EMS your agency’s data collection and submission system.
  • EMS software vendors.
  • EMS agency IT staff (if applicable).
  • Agency leadership if desired.
  • VPHIB Program staff will host.
  • We do not recommend this meeting to field EMS providers or hospitals, but ANYONE is welcome to attend and monitor.
  • Anyone is welcome to attend and monitor the call.

What - will be the agenda? Each month we will use the same agenda:

  • Education / Information / Dispel Myths about VAv3 by OEMS (15 – 20 minutes)
  • Questions from agencies and vendors for OEMS (15-20 minutes)
  • Agency to agency discussion (15 to 20 minutes)

Why - VPHIB staff anticipate v3 EMS software products to start becoming available to agencies in the fall of 2013 through spring 2014. We hope by having a monthly open forum that we can establish open communication that provides education, information, and dispel myths about VAv3 between OEMS and EMS agencies, EMS software vendors, and other key groups while they are setting up and implementing their new version 3 products.

Where - the meetings will be held by “webinar.” A webinar is a combination of seeing an on-line presentation on your computer, while being on a telephone conference. A reminder will be sent out prior to each meeting with a link to the meeting “To JOIN the meeting and be automatically dialed in, to access the presentation go AND call toll free 1-866-233-9464. The meeting/room number is *6663691* and you will be asked for this when signing in on both the phone and on-line portions of the webinar.

When – The second Wednesday of every month at 3:00 p.m. through v3 implementation (now July 1, 2014). We will plan on one hour, but this can be extended if desired by those attending. Beginning on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 3:00 p.m.

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July Monthly Submission Reminder
Posted by VPHIB Admin on 30 June 2014 11:04 AM

OEMS will soon be developing the July Data Quality Dashboard report, July Compliance Report, and NEMSIS submission. Please be sure your agency’s submissions/uploads are up to date by COB 7/1/2014. All EMS responses up to and including May 31st should be submitted by this time.

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Today’s VAv3 Open Forum is cancelled.  We are cancelling today’s VAv3 Open Forum because we had accidently posted next week’s date; we do not have any significant updates, and have not received any requests to cover any specific topics.

As a quick update; VPHIB staffs have been busy setting up VPHIBs version 3.  We have completed setting up the minimum dataset / data elements and have more than half of the validation rules not setup.  Once we have completed our initial validation rule setup we will post an updated data dictionary and list of validation rules.

The next step will be to create the State’s electronic medical record.  If your agency has been using or plans to use the State’s Field Bridge EMR in the future and there are non-mandatory elements you would like OEMS to consider adding, please submit your suggestions via Support Suite.  We should be prepared to demonstrate the new EMR during our July 8th VAv3 Open Forum.

While we have your attention:  This month’s VPHIB Compliance Report and Data Quality Dashboard have been posted in our Support Suite Knowledgebase and VPHIB Knowledgebase.  Our thanks to those agencies working on their data quality.  At least 10 agencies have been able to correct issues leading to poor data submission.  

Staffing update - Our thanks to our EMS agencies and hospitals for bearing with us while we were under-staffed.  Karen Rice and Bryan Hodges are now your primary contacts for VPHIB and VSTR (trauma registry) issues and are quickly getting up to speed.   Karen and Bryan bring a wealth of varied experience to the program.

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[EMS Users] June 2014 VPHIB Data Quality & Compliance Reports Posted
Posted by VPHIB Admin on 10 June 2014 11:00 AM

The June Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) and Compliance Report (CR) have been posted in the VPHIB Support Suite and VPHIB system knowledgebases click here.)

  • The DQD includes data from 4/1/2014 thru 4/30/2014
  • The CR includes data from 5/1/2013 thru 4/30/2014.

The scoring ranges for data quality are below and developed as a monthly average:

  • Green/Satisfactory = 95% or greater (compliant)
  • Yellow/Below Average = 90 – 94.99% (compliant if isolated month)
  • Red/Unsatisfactory = Less than 90% (non-compliant)

The quality dashboard will provide agencies with a snapshot of the quality of their data.  Detailed quality reports may be requested from OEMS through support suite.  For agencies using third party vendor software these reports are available in VPHIB through the upload process (Path = Modules/Reports/Data Transfer History/Data Quality Report). 

Note!  Don’t forget come July 2014 the VPHIB minimum data set (Vav3) will start changing.  Those not using OEMS’ State Bridge and Field Bridge license should ensure they will be prepared for the change.  Additional information can be found in the VPHIB KnowledgebaseVPHIB Support Suite, or OEMS website.

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