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[EMS Users] VAv3 Forum Rescheduled to Weds. 10/28 @ 15:00h
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 13 October 2015 07:01 AM

VPHIB V3 Open Forum Rescheduled to, Weds. 10/28 @ 3:00 EST.

Rescheduled:  This month’s VPHIB VAv3 open forum will be moved to Wednesday, October 28th at 3:00 p.m.  This month we are planning on focusing on two topics.  1) how we have setup eHistory.12 [patients] Current Medications.  2) an introduction to the Virginia Hospital Hub and how it will be utilized in Virginia.  

We apologize for the change.  However, staff is spending the week with the other states data managers and NEMSIS collaborating on version 3 and addressing its challenges and possibilities.

If you/your agency has topics ideas please feel free to let us know and we will try add those to this or future VAv3 Forum’s. 

With the move of VPHIB to the new version 3 (VAv3) format; VPHIB program staffs are hosting this monthly webinar meeting, on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM, to provide education, information, dispel myths, answer questions, and allow EMS agencies in attendance to communicate with each other as a source of peer support.

For our October meeting we will provide updates on:

Agenda – October 28, 2015 Meeting

  • Purpose of the VAv3 forum.
  • Review of eHistory.12/Current Medications.
  • Virginia’s Hospital Hub.
  • Review of NEMSIS Compliant Software (as time allows)
  • Agency to agency questions.
  • Question and answer period to ask OEMS VAv3 questions.

To JOIN the meeting and be automatically dialed in:  To access the presentation go to  AND call toll free 1-866-233-9464.  The meeting/room number is *6663691* and you will be asked for this when signing in on both the phone and on-line portions of the webinar.

Who – the target audience will be:

  • VPHIB agency administrators/Agency staff responsible for setting up EMS your agency’s data collection and submission system.
  • EMS software vendors.
  • EMS agency IT staff (if applicable).
  • Agency leadership if desired.
  • VPHIB Program staff will host.
  • We do not recommend this meeting to field EMS providers or hospitals, but ANYONE is welcome to attend and monitor.
  • Anyone is welcome to attend and monitor the call.

What - will be the agenda?  Each month we will use the same agenda:

  • Education / Information / Dispel Myths about VAv3 by OEMS (15 – 20 minutes)
  • Questions from agencies and vendors for OEMS (15-20 minutes)
  • Agency to agency discussion (15 to 20 minutes)

Why - VPHIB staff anticipate v3 EMS software products to start becoming available to agencies in the fall of 2013 through spring 2014.  We hope by having a monthly open forum that we can establish open communication that provides education, information, and dispel myths about VAv3 between OEMS and EMS agencies, EMS software vendors, and other key groups while they are setting up and implementing their new version 3 products.

Where - the meetings will be held by “webinar.”  A webinar is a combination of seeing an on-line presentation on your computer, while being on a telephone conference.  A reminder will be sent out prior to each meeting with a link to the meeting “To JOIN the meeting and be automatically dialed in, to access the presentation go to  AND call toll free 1-866-233-9464.  The meeting/room number is *6663691* and you will be asked for this when signing in on both the phone and on-line portions of the webinar.

When – The second Wednesday of every month at 3:00 p.m. through v3 implementation (now July 1, 2014).  We will plan on one hour, but this can be extended if desired by those attending.  Beginning on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 3:00 p.m.

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Trauma System Assessment
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 09 October 2015 11:41 AM

The OEMS Division of Trauma/Critical, which is where the VPHIB program is housed, underwent an outside assessment of the Virginia trauma system.  Below is a link to a 37 minute video of the closing of that assessment.  A final report with up to 60 recommendations will be provided sometime during the next month.  We thought this may be of interest to those that utilize Support Suite.

Between September 1, 2015 and September 4, 2015 the Office of EMS underwent a state trauma system assessment.  The ACS utilizes the Model Trauma System Planning and Evaluation guide that utilizes a public health approach to trauma system development and maintenance.

The consultation team performs an "exit interview" and verbally provides an overview of those items they deem as a priority issues in Virginia.  Download the video of the exit interview at the following link:

ACS Trauma System Consultation Visit Exit Interview 9/4/2015 (37 minutes, 570 MB)

View it on YouTube at:

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[EMS Users] Quick Update Hospital Hub/Patient Medications
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 04 October 2015 06:09 PM

Virginia Hospital Hub - VPHIB staffs wanted to pass on a quick update on Virginia’s Hospital Hub.  Hospital Hub is the ImageTrend product that will replace the existing Hospital Dashboard that hospital will use to retrieve EMS medical Records.  It is our hope that the hospital user training video will be complete by the end of this week. 

Once complete, we will begin making announcements to the hospital that it is ready and also transitioning over existing hospital accounts to the new system.  With the move to Hospital Hub we will be adding a new hospital role where their key staff can administer all hospital user accounts at their hospital.  We are also reaching out to some key hospitals to work closely with them to help champion Hospital Hub as the method to obtain EMS medical records.

Our goals and objectives for Hospital Hub:

  • Actively recruit all hospitals to utilize Hospital Hub to retrieve all EMS records from this sole source.
  • Improve patient safety and clinical care by moving EMS medical records to real-time.
  • Help hospitals better understand EMS care and value our documentation.
  • Educate hospitals on the EMS regulation requiring a full EMS medical record at the time of patient transfer.
  • Encourage the use of real-time by EMS by monitoring the regulation, grant conditions, and utilizing version 3’s inherent ability to submit live.
  • Provide hospitals with a means to enter outcome information back to EMS.
  • Increase the hospitals’ reliance on EMS records so we can move towards integrating our system with their health record systems in the future.


eHistory.12/Patient’s Medications – VPHIB staff understand this has been one of the biggest challenges with version 3.  Since there is no precedence/best practice on how to attack the list of 12,617 prescribable medications, we have had to give this issue some serious thought.  After reviewing multiple national resources and making a plan we are now actively creating a “suggested list” of patient medications. 

The list will contain the most frequently prescribed medications in Virginia based on lists from state and major insurance carrier resources.  We will create the list using the RxNorm code for its most common ingredient name (AKA generic name) and next to the ingredient name will be the most common brand name in parenthesis.

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Brunswick County 1st to Submit v3 to National EMS Database
Posted by VPHIB Admin on 25 September 2015 08:45 AM

VPHIB staff wanted to pass on that Virginia is now the sixth state to begin submitting the version 3 national EMS data standard to NEMSIS. EMS data collected from Brunswick County was used to establish our live submissions to NEMSIS and allowing NEMSIS to turn Virginia "green" on Sunday, 9/18/15.  Brunswick did us proud and we received positive feedback on the success and quality of the records being submitted to NEMSIS.

We are actively submitting each agency's demographic data to NEMSIS, so we can begin submitting all VAv3 data to NEMSIS as we receive it.  VPHIB agency administrators are encouraged to review their agency's demographic (within the "Information" section of v3.)


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[EMS Users] VPHIB Version 3 Updates 9/15/15
Posted by VPHIB Admin on 15 September 2015 09:33 AM

Our VPHIBv3 application will receive updates today.  There is no planned interruption in service, but there could be a brief period where service is affected.  The updates will include fixes and enhancements including:

  • General enhancements to allow the long v3 labels to better fit on the various screens.
  • Validation errors and other items can now be linked to through the timeline Power Tool.
  • Supplemental Questions (previously service defined questions).
  • EMR/ePCR updates including the ability to add generic text to the run form.
  • Updates to validation rule development tools.
  • The Report Writer link has been moved to be more prominent.
  • Power Tool developer updates.
  • “Patient Records” link being added to the “Resources” tab. This allows agencies to see and update repeat patient records.
  • VPHIB Agency administrators have some new features:
    • Optional feature to receive an e-mail when their staff gets locked out of their user accounts.
    • Ability to set posted records to “locked” status upon posting.
    • Ability to have posted records deleted from field equipment.
  • Zoll Cloud users can now setup their cloud EKG site to VPHIB.
  • New feature called “worksheets” which allows the development of additional questions and is in preparation for community paramedicine.

Disclaimer:  Some of these features will not automatically be turned on by the state and may be provided at a later time.  Currently, VPHIB staffs are focusing on billing related issues, hospital access (Hospital HUB), print reports, and preparing Report Writer for activation.  General improvements and fixes will be added immediately; where completely new functionality needs to be considered and prepared for.

December Updates Tentatively Planned:

  • Activation of medications and procedures by EMS certification level (based on Virginia’s scope-of-practice.)
  • Physio EKG Cloud interface.
  • The national v3.4 standard fully implemented.
  • Community Health Worksheets available.

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