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[EMS Users] December Monthly Submission Reminder
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 28 November 2015 09:28 AM

December Monthly Submission Reminder

OEMS will soon be developing its September Data Quality Dashboard report, September VPHIB Compliance Report, and September NEMSIS submission.  Please be sure your agency’s submissions / uploads are up to date.  All EMS responses up to and including October 31st should be submitted by December 1st.

For those EMS agencies in Group 2, as a reminder your agency should be submitting using VPHIB version 3 in the new system for all EMS responses occurring on November 1st or later.

Implementation education and resource materials can be found at and all VPHIB v3 all v3 items can be found on the VPHIB/VSTR support site at          

For those EMS agencies assigned to Group 1 or Group 2 of the migration timeline VPHIB staffs are beginning to disable version accounts and agencies.  There may be a window of time data is not available for version 2, but it will be restored in the future.


Version 3 Implementation is upon us

Group 1 and Group 2 agencies must now all be on version 3. Group 1 and 2 are all agencies using the state provided ImageTrend product.   

Each licensed EMS agency has been assigned an implementation date/v2 Cut-off date.  The date for each agency can be found in support suite at


  • E-mail and posting on the VPHIB/VSTR Support Suite is our primary source of communication with agencies.
  • Contact VPHIB support if you do not know something.
  • VPHIB staffs periodically add the two agency leaders on your EMS license to the VPHIB list-serv.
  • Join the RSS feed in the News section to be notified of new posting immediately.
  • Don’t listen to rumors that have not come from the VPHIB staff directly.
  • Don’t get anxious, angry, or frustrated without contacting VPHIB for help.
  • Your agency should to some degree be moving or have moved to the new VPHIB version 3.


Also, VPHIB program staffs are hosting a monthly webinar meeting, on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 PM, to provide education, information, dispel myths, answer questions, and allow EMS agencies in attendance to communicate with each other as a source of peer support.


The Forum occurs the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 pm.  To JOIN the meeting and be automatically dialed in to access the presentation go to  AND call toll free 1-866-233-9464.  The meeting/room number is *6663691* and you will be asked for this when signing in on both the phone and on-line portions of the webinar.

The target audience will be:

  • VPHIB agency administrators/Agency staff responsible for setting up EMS your agency’s data collection and submission system.
  • Agency leadership if desired.
  • EMS software vendors.
  • EMS agency IT staff (if applicable).

We do not recommend this meeting to field EMS providers or hospitals.

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[EMS Users] Repeat Patient/Patient Records
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 24 November 2015 08:03 AM

Repeat Patient/Patient Records:  VPHIB EMS Agency Administrators you now have the ability to manage your Repeat Patients from within VPHIB (version 3 only).  This features allows administrators, QA staffs, or billing staffs to correct or add information so the information will be correct or updated the next time your providers transport the patient.


To access your Repeat Patients navigate through the Resources tab and click on Patient Records:


Turning on Patient Records for others at your agency:

To turn on Patient Records for other user groups at your agency, use this navigation path:  Permissions/Agency Billing or other user type/Permission Objects/System-Agency/Configuration/Repeat Patients and select the "Yes" radio button and be sure to click on the Save button in the upper right hand corner.

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Report Writer Available in VAv3
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 22 November 2015 06:44 AM

Report Writer is now available in VPHIB version 3.  To access Report Writer navigate to the "Tools" menu and select Report Writer on the left hand side of the menu box.  Report Writer is only activated for VPHIB users with EMS Agency Administrator accounts.  It is each agencies decision who they wish to provide access to their agency's data/Report Writer.  See below for instructions to turn on Report Writer for OMDs', billing staff, or providers.

Report Writer Access

Turning on Report Writer for others at you agency:

To turn on Report Writer for other user types at your agency use this navigation path:  Permissions/EMS Agency Staff or other user type/Permission Objects/Tools/Report Writer and select the "Yes" radio button and be sure to click on the Save button in the upper right hand corner.

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Submission Reminder & Repeat Patient Upate
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 02 November 2015 11:55 AM

Submission Reminder

As a reminder agencies should have all records up to and including September 30, 2015.

Repeat Patient Setup:

For agencies using the State's ImageTrend license you now have access to turn on the Repeat Patient Feature for the "Offline" EMS medical Record.  To do this follow these simple steps:

1) Currently Repeat Patient does not work with Internet Explorer (IE) you will need to use Chrome or Firefox;

2) Sign into VPHIB (Elite) with your administrator account;

3) Expand the Configuration Tab (the one with your Agency Name on top);

4) Click on Elite Field Configuration;


5) Click on General Settings;


6) Change the Repeat Patient Search Availability to "Offline;"

7) Remember a synchronization may need to occur on each PC prior to this taking affect.



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Data Output Negatively Impacted
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 01 November 2015 12:19 PM

We thought it was important to provide a visual of the various transitions our trauma and EMS databases are going through as they will severely impact our ability to perform data reporting.   The total transition time is 2-1/2 years and then an additional year will be needed before we are able to provide annual data.

Trauma data will be most impacted during the transition from ICD-9 to the ICD-10 standard.  Essentially third and fourth quarters will be lost for statewide aggregation.  EMS data will essentially not be usable from 7/1/15 through 6/20/16.  Again, one years of data at minimum will be needed after these blackout periods to begin providing aggregated data.



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