Guide to VPHIB Support
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In an effort to help VPHIB users access support for the VPHIB program in as streamlined manner as possible, below are some general categories of typical request for support that are received and who you, as a user, should go to for that support. 

Individual Agency VPHIB Administrators Provide Support For:

  • Forgotten user name or password.
  • Submit provider account reactivation (must come from agency administrator).
  • Add/remove providers to agency roster.
  • Add user defined questions.
  • Maintain agency demographic data (agency info, stations, vehicles, & providers).
  • Change agency level controlled State Bridge and Field Bridge features. 

The Office of EMS Provides Support for:

  • General Virginia State Bridge & Field Bridge information.
  • Assistance with functions & features.
  • To "associate" providers user accounts when they belong to more than one agency.
  • Add medications or procedures to the VPHIB system.
  • Mandatory reporting requirements questions.
  • Compliance status.
  • Validation rule or data quality issues. Restore inactive users (must be an agency admin. to request re-activation).
  • Report system down / outage.
  • Add medications or procedures to the system.
  • Add new agency of hospital to the system.
  • Request hospital user access.
  • Request additional report writer reports.
  • Submit suggested changes / enhancements for consideration.

ImageTrend Inc. Provides Support For:

  • Data exchange setup or problems submitting data from 3rd party vendors or service Bridge owners.
  • Assist with establishing auto-posting / Web-services submission / real-time submission.
  • Field Bridge posting errors.
  • "Application exception" errors
  • Billing interface setup or problems.
  • Web browser issues.
  • Obtain purchase other ImageTrend products.

Note:  OEMS would recommend when in doubt contact the Office of EMS using any of the means listed above.  Direct contact to ImageTrend support should be limited to significant technical issues or application/program errors. contains tools to assist users with finding solutions to common problems experienced by other users.  Educational materials (videos and user manuals) can be found by clicking on “Help” anywhere inside of State Bridge or within State Bridge’s Knowledge Base.  National level information on EMS data collection can be found

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