Provider’s Impressions Added and Renamed (Updated 5/13/15)
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To assist agencies with the elimination of “Other” “Other Illness/Injury” and “not applicable” from the provider impression elements (E09_15 and E09_16) OEMS has reviewed and updated the list of potential provider impressions.  There are now approximately 225 impressions available for both elements.

OEMS is delaying the removal of “Other” “Other Illness/Injury” and “not applicable” until April 30th to give agencies using third part vendors with time to make adjustments in their systems prior to the change.  For those agencies that use the State’s EMS medical record the additional impressions will be made available on 4/30.  State EMS medical record users may want to share the new list with their providers in advance.

We are asking that agencies review the records at your agency where the impression has either been documented as other, or mapped to other.  If there are additional impressions that need to be added to VPHIB contact VPHIB via support suite and VPHIB staffs will either add them or advise the use of existing impressions or other elements that cover the request.

Additional tips:  do not redirect all impressions being reported as other to another single generic value.  For those rare instances where the primary impression does not fit into one of the 225 available impressions, there are generic/other values for most categories including:  Respiratory, Behavioral, OB/GYN, GI, GU, Cardiovascular, Neuro, Endocrine, GU, Pain, Injury, Illness, and newborn.

Some quick facts:

  • OEMS will update this list every Monday during the month of April.
  • OEMS will review and respond to request for new impressions within one business day during the month of April.
  • All of the codes listed in the impression Excel file are available now for third party users.
  • The impressions have been provided in Excel to allow for sorting, editing, etc.
  • All existing codes are still available and will remain active, except other, other illness/Injury, and not available.
  • With all the current concern with Heroin overdoses we have launched all of the “Abuse of” impressions.
  • These changes reflect how impressions will be collected in version 3.
  • In the Excel file the columns are:
    • Column A:  The current sort order (we typically number by ten to allow for growth).
    • Column B:  The Primary Impression (E09_15) code used for third party importing.
    • Column C:  The current label used in VPHIB for each Primary Impression (E09_15).
    • Column D:  The label that will be used for each Primary Impression effective 5/1/2015.  Items will now be grouped by category due to the size of the list.
    • Column E:  The Secondary Impression code used for third party imports.
    • Column F:  The Secondary Impression label that will be used in VPHIB effective 5/1/15
    • Column G:  Whether the Primary or Secondary Impression will be visible within the State’s EMS medical record. 
    • Column H:  How the impressions will be sorted in VPHIB beginning 5/1/2015. Setting up how the impressions are sorted is not required. 

 provider impressions 5-13-2015.xlsx (34.15 KB)
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