Hospital List and Codes - Virginia Elite (revision 11.06.2017)
Posted by , Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 06 November 2017 11:51 AM
Attached is the current list of hospitals within the Virginia Elite system and their corresponding codes.  

If an agency needs additional facilities added (for example: other Hospitals, Free-standing ED’s, etc.) to the Virginia Elite system, that request needs to be submitted to support via email (  All requests will be reviewed and either the new facility name/code will be added or the agency will be directed as to which existing name/code to use.

Please note that the Excel spreadsheet and the PFD file both contain the same information.  Both formats are being made available should a user not have access to Excel. 

Updates made since 04/2017:
  • Added code 369
  • Updated name on codes 14, 24, & 59
  • Updated address info on code 216
Updates made since 07/2017
  • Added code 370
  • Added code 371
Updates made since 09/2017
  • Updated name on codes 44 & 45
Updates made since 11/2017
  • Updated name on code 370

 Hospital List and Codes - (11-06-2017).xlsx (21.14 KB)
 Hospital List and Codes - (11-06-2017).pdf (76.37 KB)