Hospital List and Codes - Virginia Elite (revision 03.30.2018)
Posted by , Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 30 March 2018 01:08 PM
Attached is the current list of hospitals within the Virginia Elite system and their corresponding codes.
(For agencies that have their own ImageTrend Elite system - the library was updated with the most current Hospital information prior to Noon on 03/30/2018) 

If an agency needs additional facilities added (for example: other Hospitals, Free-standing ED’s, etc.) to the Virginia Elite system, that request needs to be submitted to support via email (  All requests will be reviewed and either the new facility name/code will be added or the agency will be directed as to which existing name/code to use.

As a reminder to all agencies importing data from a 3rd party system, destination names submitted (eDisposition.01) must be an exact match (generic code names are exempt) to the list published by OEMS.  Also, only destination codes (eDisposition.02) published in the attached documents will be accepted.  Agencies are responsible for correcting any data that fails to import due to an issue with either of these items. 

Please note that the Excel spreadsheet and the PDF file both contain the same information.  Both formats are being made available should a user not have access to Excel. 

Updates made since 04/2017:
  • Added code 369
  • Updated name on codes 14, 24, & 59
  • Updated address info on code 216
Updates made since 07/2017
  • Added code 370
  • Added code 371
Updates made since 09/2017
  • Updated name on codes 44 & 45
Updates made since 11/2017
  • Updated name on code 370
Updates made in 2018 (03/2018)
  • Added code 371
  • Added code 372
  • Updated address info on code 62

 Hospital List and Codes - (03-30-2018).xlsx (21.20 KB)
 Hospital List and Codes - (03-30-2018).pdf (130.93 KB)