Runs per Month - Instructions
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To ensure that your agency has submitted its data to VDH/OEMS you can simply sign on to VPHIB and check your number of runs per month.  Be sure that the number of runs makes sense for you agency.  For low volume agencies, be sure to sign on to VPHIB and use the “No Runs to Report” feature to assure a “0” is not interpreted as failing to report.

It is each agencies responsibility to ensure that its EMS responses have been submitted.  If a vendor, municipality, or billing company reports for you, your agency, not the third party is responsible.


Checking an Agency’s Runs per Month

Start By:  Signing on to VPHIB and click on “Report Writer 2.0”

Next:  In the “All Reports” section, expand the QA/QI folder and select “Runs per Month Report”

Finally:  Your agencies “runs per month” is displayed.


The attached document has more detailed instructions

 runs per month instructions.pdf (211.98 KB)
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