Access New User Training (non-webinar)
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I'm sorry but we do not have the technology available to record the webinars. They are offered every month (typically the last Friday). There is no powerpoint per se' but If you sign onto the VPHIB system and click on the "help" button in the upper right hand corner you will be taken to ImageTrend University. In the next screen click on "EMS Service Bridge Version 4" and there are a lot of resources there to learn. On the bottom right hand corner of this screen there are videos for different levels of users. As an administrator click on "Administrator Education Videos" and there is a collection of approximately 5 minute videos on each section of getting setup.

As you get comfortable with the system there are other sections for your OMD, how to create reports from your data and others. If you are somewhat comfortable with a PC this should be enough for you to get your agency setup and enter data. Also once you sign on you can click on "Knowledge Base" and find other information such as what is required to be repoted, instruction manuals and other helpful items. If you get stuck with anything you can always call us at (804)888-9149 and we can step you through something.

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