Div. of TCC Quarterly Report 11/9/2011
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Each month the Office of EMS and its Divisions develop a quarterly report of its activities.  The VPHIB program is a standing topic of this report and we thought it may be helpful to distribute this to the VPHIB agency administrators.  We routinely report on what the resources dedicated to the program have been working on, what these resources will be attempting to accomplish in the upcoming quarter, and the current state of compliance.  This is meant to be informational only and actual actions will be announced separately. 

To access the report go to the support suite knowledgebase in the quarterly report section and open the attached “Quarterly Report 9/9/2011 VPHIB-VSTR.”

We cannot stress enough the need to read the section titled “Don’t say you didn’t know.”  In this section we offer advice to agencies on being prepared for future potential major changes that are likely to have technical, manpower, or financial impacts to your agencies.  We hope through this section will offer notice in advanced of formal notices.  This section should give you a glimpse (not a formal plan) of what is to be expected a year from now. 

This quarter’s “don’t say you didn’t know” is the first announcement that NEMSIS version 3 is coming. NEMSIS Version 3 will result in a revised list of elements and fields that we collect; it will drastically change the structure of the data, and implement more technical requirements.  Those agencies that are not submitting via the State provided program should begin to ask their vendors about their plans for NEMSIS v3 and meeting state level requirements.        

 quarterly report 11-9-11 vphib-vstr.pdf (298.04 KB)
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