Data Quality Tip - Age of Patient
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Data Quality Tip – Age of Patient

Did you know?  Besse Cooper was born on August 26, 1896 and is the oldest validated person to have lived in the United States.  She died at the age of 115 years and 141 days.

Did you know?  The oldest person transported in Virginia in 2011 was 5,064 years old!

Figure 1

5,064 Year Old 

This quality tip will help you to ensure your agency is accurately reporting the age of your patients.  As you can see in Figure 1 above, occasionally ages are mistakenly reported wrong.  The most common reason for age errors is wrongly entering a date of birth from the year 1900 - 1911 instead of 2000 - 2011.  One error can drastically change your results in Report Writer.  As a very simple example:

If your agency had 23 cardiac arrests in 2011 and all had an age of 70 y/o, the average age of your arrests would equal 70 y/o.  But if 22 patients were 70 y/o and one was 5,064 y/o as in Figure 1, the average age of your cardiac arrest patients is now 287 years old.

Please take a minute every once in a while to check your agency’s accuracy with reporting the age of your patients.  We have placed a new report in Report Writer 2 (RW2) that will return any patient over the age of 116 y/o.  Sign into VPHIB, go to Report Writer 2 (now under the more tab), open the “audit folder,” and scroll down to the E06_14 Patient Age Greater Than 116 Years Audit report.  Click on generate report and you will see all patients your agency transported over the age of 116.  You can click in the incident number to link to the patient report to find out which patient(s) is incorrectly entered to make corrections.

(You can also click on the criteria tab and change the age criteria to 100 to catch other errors)

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