Adding or Updating an EMS Vehicle in VPHIB
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Adding or Updating an EMS Vehicle in VPHIB

1)      To add a new or additional EMS vehicle to your agency’s VPHIB account log onto VPHIB

2)      Click on the Setup tab

Vehicle 2

3)      On the View Service Info page, in the I Want to box, click on Manage Vehicles

Vehicle 3


4)      On the View Vehicle Info Page, click on the Add a Vehicle button

Vehicle 4

5)  The View Vehicle Info page will open.  Fill out the vehicle info fields and click OK.  The version 2 Virginia Data Dictionary requires that the unit/vehicle number, unit call sign, vehicle type (default for EMS reports), and model year be reported.  It is encouraged that all fields be completed.

Vehicle 5

6)  To update an existing unit:  On the View Vehicle Info page click on the Edit button next to the vehicle you wish to update.  When the current info shows, click on the Edit button and then complete as you would a new vehicle.

Note:  If you want to remove a vehicle we recommend inactivating the unit rather than deleting it.  Inactivating the unit will remove it from showing a choice when entering run information, but allow you to recall the information on the unit.

Vehicle 6

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