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To assist agencies with the elimination of "Other" "Other Illness/Injury" and "not applicable" from the provider impression elements (E09_15 and E09_16) OEMS has reviewed and updated the list of potential provider impressions. There are now approximately 225 impressions available for both elements. OEMS is delaying the removal of "Other" "Other Illness/Injury" and "not applicable" until April 30th to give agencies using third part vendors with time to make adjustments in their systems prior to...
Attached is the current (version 2) VPHIB EMS Data Dictionary (VAv3). This ems data dictionary is a large detailed document designed for use by OEMS staffs, EMS software vendors, EMS agencies, and others that may have a need for EMS data. There are much smaller less documents in this section that only have the list of required data elements or the list of required data elements with the fields allowed with each elements. These documents may be easier to use and provide the information need...
The attached file contains the list of "Provider's Primary Impressions" to be used for element E09_15 as of 3/31/15. Additional primary impressions may be requested and will be considered for inclusion into the VPHIB system. The use of "other" or other not values should not be used.
Submission of EMS data is required by both Virginia law and EMS regulations. Attached is the minimum dataset required to be submitted within 30 days from the end of any EMS response.
The attached document provides a list of data elements and the fields/values collected with each element. The full data dictionary provides additional information that agencies may need.
The attached document provides a shortened list of the VPHIB v2 EMS minimum dataset that VPHIB uses. The values collected for each data element are also madated and can be found in this section of the knowledge base as the VPHIB v2 List of Data Elements and Values.