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[VSTR Users] Updated Trauma Registry Data Dictionary
Posted by VPHIB Admin on 13 July 2015 09:08 AM

Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry Users:

The VDH/OEMS has revised and published an updated VSTR Data Dictionary. The changes are limited to data elements Prehospital_01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16.  These elements relate to EMS response times and dates and the initial "field" vital signs that must be reported by Virginia designated trauma centers.

Two documents have been posted:  1) The VSTR Data Dictionary v3.1.2 and Reporting EMS Times & Field Vital Signs.  Both documents can be found in the VPHIB/VSTR Support Suite at:

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[Hospital Users] Trauma Registry Compliance Report March 2015
Posted by VPHIB Admin on 08 March 2015 02:26 PM

Inaugural VSTR Compliance Report March 2015

Each quarter the VDH/OEMS will develop and post a VSTR Compliance Report and VSTR Data Quality Dashboard in the VSTR/VPHIB Support Suite.  The March 2015 VSTR Compliance Report can be found by clickinig on this link or copy and past the link into your web browser.

The compliance report will be based on the requirement that all trauma patients be submitted within 30 days of discharge from the hospital for hospitals that are not trauma centers and quarterly for designated trauma centers.  The volume of anticipated patients is determined based on past submissions and/or from other validated data sources.

In the near future a Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) will also be distributed with the compliance report and be based on each hospital’s average monthly quality of records submitted and will be based on receiving a score of 98% or better.  The DQD is still under development and will not be released until a comprehensive review of existing validation rules and additional rules that were left off during implementation are turned on. 

Until the DQD is completed compliance will only address non-submission and under reporting.  The March 2015 has been developed as a For-Your-Information only and compliance notifications will not be made based on the March 2015 report.  Submission compliance will begin with the April 2015 VSTR Compliance Report.

For assistance with submissions or other questions contact VSTR/VPHIB Support online at, e-mail or call 804.888.9149.    

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[EMS Users] Support Suite Changes
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 01 March 2014 10:20 AM

[EMS Users]:

OEMS Staffs wanted to advise our VPHIB users of a couple changes that have occurred. On January 1, 2014 OEMS began transitioning the Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry (VSTR) from an internally developed software program to the ImageTrend Patient Registry program. This affects our EMS users in a couple ways.

We want to give you a heads up that we will be supporting the new VSTR program in Support Suite. Currently, we cannot direct e-mail messages from Support Suite separately to EMS users and VSTR users. This feature will be available sometime in the future. Until then please be note that you will receive some messages directed at hospital users. OEMS will do its best to start every message with “EMS Users” or “Hospital Users” or both when applicable.

OEMS strives to keep the e-mail messages to a low limit and only send key items needed. This change will cause an increase in our messages.

On a positive note:

The new VSTR is located within the same server environment as VPHIB and the two are linked. What does this mean? If you look in Report Writer; specifically the Analytical Report a.k.a. the incidents cube you will see some new measures and elements available. Look for the term “outcome.” These new outcome elements are linked to the VSTR and will provide you with some feedback related to the injured patients you transport. It is not designed to follow up on single patients.

You can access what patients are required to be reported to the VSTR within Support Suite. Briefly, hospitals report all patients that we injured and required admission to the hospital, need transfer to another acute care hospital, or died in the ED from their injuries.

Remember, above we said we are transitioning from the old VSTR to the new VSTR so it will likely not be until summer and later that this information will be most beneficial to you.

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