[EMS Users] Quick Update Hospital Hub/Patient Medications
Posted by Paul Sharpe on 04 October 2015 06:09 PM

Virginia Hospital Hub - VPHIB staffs wanted to pass on a quick update on Virginia’s Hospital Hub.  Hospital Hub is the ImageTrend product that will replace the existing Hospital Dashboard that hospital will use to retrieve EMS medical Records.  It is our hope that the hospital user training video will be complete by the end of this week. 

Once complete, we will begin making announcements to the hospital that it is ready and also transitioning over existing hospital accounts to the new system.  With the move to Hospital Hub we will be adding a new hospital role where their key staff can administer all hospital user accounts at their hospital.  We are also reaching out to some key hospitals to work closely with them to help champion Hospital Hub as the method to obtain EMS medical records.

Our goals and objectives for Hospital Hub:

  • Actively recruit all hospitals to utilize Hospital Hub to retrieve all EMS records from this sole source.
  • Improve patient safety and clinical care by moving EMS medical records to real-time.
  • Help hospitals better understand EMS care and value our documentation.
  • Educate hospitals on the EMS regulation requiring a full EMS medical record at the time of patient transfer.
  • Encourage the use of real-time by EMS by monitoring the regulation, grant conditions, and utilizing version 3’s inherent ability to submit live.
  • Provide hospitals with a means to enter outcome information back to EMS.
  • Increase the hospitals’ reliance on EMS records so we can move towards integrating our system with their health record systems in the future.


eHistory.12/Patient’s Medications – VPHIB staff understand this has been one of the biggest challenges with version 3.  Since there is no precedence/best practice on how to attack the list of 12,617 prescribable medications, we have had to give this issue some serious thought.  After reviewing multiple national resources and making a plan we are now actively creating a “suggested list” of patient medications. 

The list will contain the most frequently prescribed medications in Virginia based on lists from state and major insurance carrier resources.  We will create the list using the RxNorm code for its most common ingredient name (AKA generic name) and next to the ingredient name will be the most common brand name in parenthesis.