This is just a reminder
(the original notice was posted on 08-15-18)

The following items were posted to the Knowledgebase on 08-15-2018:

A new Schematron File (effective date of 09-18-2018) has been created and is available on the NEMSIS website.

We are also including a link (see below) to the Hospital List and Codes Knowledgebase article.  As was previously stated, when the new Schematron file is deployed, it will impact how this information is submitted by 3rd party vendors.  Agencies using a 3rd party vendor should review this.

If you have not yet done so, all agencies and all 3rd party EMS software vendors working with Virginia EMS agencies are encouraged to review all of these articles before the effective date of 09-18-2018. 

For questions, please contact support via email: