[EMS Users] – Locked accounts and password resets: Virginia Elite System
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 18 October 2018 04:52 PM

Over the last month, OEMS has been receiving a larger number than normal of request for password resets and/or to have accounts unlocked. 

As a reminder, the agencies Virginia Elite EMS Agency Administrator should always be the first point of contact for account issues.  EMS Agency Administrators have the ability to perform both of these functions.  When OEMS receives a request of this nature from a user that is not an EMS Agency Administrator, we will always direct that individual back to the agency’s admin. 

Please keep in mind that OEMS personnel have no way of knowing why or under what circumstances a user may no longer have access to the Virginia Elite system.  There are currently over 31,000 user accounts in the Virginia Elite system and it is impossible for anyone at OEMS to know every user’s status at the various agencies throughout Virginia.  Based on the sensitive nature of the information available in the Virginia Elite system, it is imperative all user account issues regarding either locked accounts or password resets be addressed by EMS Agency Administrators.  If an EMS Agency Administrator needs assistance or has questions concerning user account issues at the agency, that individual can contact support and we will be glad to assist the administrator. 

OEMS recommends all agencies have a minimum of two (2) administrators so there is sufficient local resources to address any user account issues.  Having at least two (2) administrators means one administrator can even reset or unlock the account of the other administrator should that become necessary.

For questions, please contact support via email: