[EMS Users] – Change to Validation Rule release date
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 07 November 2017 05:00 PM

Due to some changes with facility names that needed to be addressed, we are having to adjust the release date of the new/updated validation rules.  The rules will now go into effect on 01/03/2018.  This will ensure Schematron files include all current facility names and codes.

For agencies that have purchased their own ImageTrend system, the ImageTrend library was updated today (11/7/2017) with both the facility information and state validation rules.  For agencies that use another 3rd party system, the creation of Schematron files is in process and an additional notice will be sent out once those are posted to the NEMSIS website.

For additional information, please refer to the below Knowledgebase Articles:

Facility information:

Validation Rule information:

If there are any additional questions, please contact support via email at