[EMS Users] – Change in Demographics requirement (3rd party systems only)
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 31 January 2018 05:02 PM

Due to limitations within the ImageTrend Elite system, agencies that use a 3rd party system (these are agencies that own an EMS software system) will not be required to submit the following demographic items:

  • Any personnel data covering elements dPersonnel.01, dPersonnel.02, dPersonnel.22, dPersonnel.23, dPersonnel.24, and dPersonnel.31 as listed in the Virginia Data Dictionary.
  • Any vehicle data covering elements dVehicle.01, dVehicle.02, dVehicle.03, dVehicle.04, dVehicle.05, and dVehicle.10 as listed in the Virginia Data Dictionary.

Even though personnel information is not being required, these agencies shall maintain a minimum of one individual in the Virginia Elite system with EMS Agency Administrator level access.  This individual will serve as the Primary Contact regarding any issues with EMS data submitted to the state.       

All other demographics information covered in the 12/13/17 notice is still required. 

For questions, please contact support via email: