[EMS Users] – Virginia Elite Update – 07.19.2018
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 17 July 2018 05:11 PM

On Thursday July 19th, the Virginia Elite system will be down as ImageTrend installs the latest systems updates.  The process will begin at 09:30 AM and should be completed by or before 1:00 PM.

During this time:

EMS users – No agency will be able to access the online version of the Virginia Elite system.  For those EMS agencies using the Virginia Elite system exclusively, the Elite Field version will still work in the offline mode and all records created can be posted once the maintenance cycle has been completed.  For those agencies using a 3rd party vendor, any records submitted via Web Services will process into the Virginia Elite system once the upgrade process has finished.

Hospital Hub users – Hospital Hub users will not have access to any records in the Virginia Elite system during this time.  Hospital Hub will still work but the information available will be limited until the upgrade process is finished.

For Virginia Elite users, once the upgrade is completed, the newest release notes will be available under the Help/Community section.  As a reminder, not all features/modules covered in ImageTrend’s general release notes may be available in the Virginia Elite system.  Please direct any questions on new features/modules to support (   

The July update is being done out of sequence as there were technical issues which prevented the update from occurring during our normal schedule.  This update will also give us some internal features to enhance our ability to better support NEMSIS submissions.  Please note that notices will always be sent and an announcement placed on the Elite dashboard prior to any general upgrades.

Going forward and pending other technical issues, all general upgrades to the Virginia Elite system will occur on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  For the remainder of 2018, the exception to this schedule will be September.  Due to the Labor Day holiday that occurs in September, the upgrade for that month will occur on the 2nd Tuesday.

For additional questions, please contact support via email: