Direct Entry users - VA is now the default Incident State value
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 07 February 2019 02:17 PM

Beginning today (02.07.19), the Virginia EMR form has been modified so that VA is the default Incident State value (on the Response Info panel) when a new incident is created.  We are taking this action because agencies doing direct entry into the Virginia Elite system continue to post numerous records where the incident state is left out, spelled incorrectly, abbreviated incorrectly, or the provider entered in some random characters that defy understanding.  Validation rules cannot be created to address this so adding VA as the default Incident State value is the only action we can take to try to reduce these errors.    

It is important to note that this field is “NOT” locked.  Providers will have the ability to change this when necessary.  For those agency administrators that have taken advantage of the access to Form Manager and have created their own form, we strongly encourage you to take similar actions to ensure the Incident State is documented correctly. 

OEMS will continue to review the quality of the Incident State data posted and determine if any additional actions are necessary.

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