[EMS Users] Virginia Elite Update 05.07.19
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 01 May 2019 08:10 AM

On Tuesday May 7th, the Virginia Elite system will be taken offline as ImageTrend installs the latest software updates.  This update will begin at approximately 10:00 AM.  Our window for this process to be completed is 6 hours.

To better-set agencies expectations on system availability, we are providing more of a breakdown on what occurs during this process:

  • Beginning at 10:00 AM, ImageTrend preps the system and servers for the update (this process could take up to 1 hour).
  • Once the prep work is completed, the Virginia Elite system is taken offline while ImageTrend installs the latest program updates. At this point, no one can access the Virginia Elite system.  Elite Field will still work but only in an offline mode and records can be posted after the update window has passed.  If any agency is having general issues with Elite Field working offline, please contact OEMS support.
  • During this process, the Virginia Elite system will begin to come back online but this can occur in stages. This means that, even though a user can log in, certain modules or processes may not be available until the very end of the published 6-hour window.
  • Updates to Report Writer are also installed during this process. While users may find they can still access Report Writer, the upgrade process will effect an agency’s ability to retrieve timely information.  Due to this, it is recommended agencies not run any reports in Report Writer until after the published 6-hour window. 

OEMS working with ImageTrend will test different aspects of the Elite system to ensure functionality by the end of the published 6-hour window.  Any agency experiencing issues after the published 6-hour window has passed should contact OEMS support via email.  If an issue is discovered during the testing phase and that issue is going to extend beyond the 6-hour window, OEMS support will place a notice on the support site ( which anyone can access) and provide updates there. 

For those agencies using a 3rd party vendor, any records submitted via Web Services will process into the Virginia Elite system once the upgrade process has finished. Hospital Hub users will not have access to any records in the Virginia Elite system while Elite is offline. Hospital Hub will still work but the information available will be limited until the upgrade process is finished.

For Virginia Elite users, once the upgrade is completed, the newest release notes will be available under the Help/Community section. As a reminder, not all features/modules covered in ImageTrend’s general release notes may be available in the Virginia Elite system. 

All general updates to the Virginia Elite system will occur on the 1st Tuesday of each month. The exceptions for 2019 will be July, September, and October due to holidays or other scheduled events. 

For additional questions, please contact support via email: