[EMS Users] - Server Maintenance (09.05.19) - Virginia Elite system
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 04 September 2019 02:03 PM

At approximately 12:00 AM on 09-05-2019, the Virginia IT group will begin performing maintenance on the Virginia Elite Servers.  The maintenance window for this work is approximately 5 hours.  By doing this work at these hours, our hope is to have a minimal impact on all users of the Virginia Elite system.

To ensure the Virginia Elite system remains up and available, only one server at a time will be taken offline.  However, it is possible that the system will be impacted from a performance standpoint giving the impression the system is down when it is actually running very slowly.

Elite Field computers should function just fine in a disconnected mode.  If an agency is having issues getting Elite Field to run properly when disconnected from the Internet, please contact OEMS support for assistance.  Records can be posted once the maintenance cycle is complete.

All 3rd party imports will continue to process in but may be much slower until the maintenance cycle is complete.  Hospital Hub access will also be available but it too may be much slower during this maintenance cycle.

For questions, please contact support via email: