New Schematron file – Virginia (non-ImageTrend sites)
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 12 February 2020 08:25 AM

Good Afternoon,

Bryan Hodges here from the Office of Emergency Medical Services in Virginia. 

There is a new Schematron file available on the NEMSIS website for Virginia:

Virginia will be applying this Schematron file to the states EMS data collection system during the day on 04/01/2020.  This file is being made available as far in advance as possible to allow EMS software vendors the time necessary to meet this date.

As a reminder, the Virginia Schematron file also contains exactly how all Facility Names and Codes must be submitted.  For vendors (agencies using your system are also included in this email), this is the information contained in eDispostion.01 and eDisposition.02.  The current list of facility names and codes is located:

Agencies using a 3rd party system to submit records are highly encouraged to review the hospital names/codes list found at the above site and ensure the information in your system is an exact match to our list.

The exact name/code matching (in place since September 2018) is to ensure hospitals using Hospital Hub can only view patient records for patients transported to their facility.  If a record is submitted by a 3rd party system and the hospital name/code is not an exact match, that record will be rejected.  However, just because a record is rejected, does not release the agency from its obligation to report the data to Virginia.  Agencies are expected to review their systems for rejected records, make necessary corrections, and submit the information as required per Virginia state regulations.

The exception to the exact code/name matching still applies to the generic codes (102, 103, 105, 106, 107, &108).  In cases where the generic codes are submitted, Schematron does not enforce exact name matching.

For questions, please contact OEMS support:

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