New OEMS Data Submission Documents available – Effective 07.27.2020
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 17 June 2020 10:34 AM

On 07.27.2020, an updated Virginia Data Dictionary, New/Updated Validation Rules, and a new Schematron file, will go into effect.  Each item has been posted and is available for review.  For information on each of these, please use the below links:

Virginia Data Dictionary:

New/Updated Validation Rules:

Schematron File:

For those agencies that have their own EMS software system, please let your vendor know about these upcoming changes.  While we have included all of the vendors we have contact information for in this notice, there are still some vendors we don’t have any contact information on file for.  It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure their contracted EMS software vendor is aware of these changes.  

As a note, we are using the OEMS Super-User contact list to communicate this notice.  While it is very possible the recipient of this email may not be the final recipient, the Super-User list is the only complete contact list available.  If you are not the individual responsible for EMS data submission, please forward this over to the individual that is.  It is imperative these articles are reviewed as soon as possible to prevent any data submission issues when these changes go into effect. 

Please review each of these articles and, if after working with your vendor there are any questions or additional clarification needed, contact OEMS support via email: