Correcting Errors in State Bridge
Posted by Karen Rice, Last modified by Karen Rice on 16 May 2014 11:32 AM

If the provider is not able to make the correction him or herself, it would be permissable for the agency's designated PI staff member to make the corrections for him or her in the medical record (obviously, with their permission - verbal is okay in this situation).  However, the fact that the correction was made should be acknowledged in an addendum.  For example, if an incorrect GCS value of 4 was recorded, but 14 was the intended response and the provider agrees with this assessment but is not able to make the change, the record would be updated to the correct value and a short note, (e.g., GCS value of 10:15am on 4/21/14 was corrected from 4 to 14 by Jane Smith for Joe Paramedic on 4/23/14 at 11:10am) would be included in an addendum.

You might want to keep a log of such corrections as part of the PT process to determine if certain (or several or even all) providers are in need of education. 

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