VPHIB v3 Administrator Training
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VPHIB Training Opportunities

En-lieu of requiring agencies to attend webinar classes or attend a limited number of in-person training sessions on migrating from VPHIB v2 to VPHIB v3 (VAv3) the VPHIB program is providing the below tools. These tools will be maintained and will provide a means for agencies to prepare for the migration to VAv3 and serve as training for staff in the future. While agencies are not required to use these tools, they are highly recommended and being made available as a courtesy to all existing VPHIB administrators. (Some files are large. If you are unable to download them contact VPHIB support and a CD can be created and sent to you)

  • Transition Checklist - Provides a comprehensive list of items to be done during and after your agency's transition.
  • Transition Spreadsheet - Provides a recommended timeline to be used as a guide by agencies to accomplish the checklist items.

Overview videos to be used to help agency personnel get up to speed on the use of the new program. These videos are formatted as WMV files and should be viewable in any windows environment.

VAv3 Setup and Transition - Designed to show existing VPHIB administrators how to do the basic setups to ensure that computers are ready to go.

  • VAv3 Administrator Overview - Designed to give the existing VPHIB administrator an overview of all current functionality.
  • VAv3 EMS Agency Staff Overview - Designed to explain to staff members how to navigate through the system and give an overview of the current access.
  • VAv3 Medical Director Overview - Designed to explain to medical directors how to navigate through the system and give an overview of the current access.
  • VAv3 Field Setup - Designed to show any individual that currently uses FieldBridge how to do the initial setup prior to beginning a medical record.
  • VAv3 EMR Online access - Designed to show those few agencies that currently enter in medical records directly into VPHIB how to access a new medical record form in VAv3.
  • VAv3 EMR Overview - Designed to show all users how to navigate the new medical record form and how the features contained within the form work.

(Existing VPHIB administrators are encouraged to view all 7 videos but should begin with video 1 and can then distribute the other videos as needed. As updates are made, additional videos will be release and notices will be sent out.)

Administrator access to VAv3 for agency administrators is currently being setup with Group 1 agencies being the primary focus. Those VPHIB administrators in Group 1 will be contacted with their VAv3 account information no later than 05-15-2015. All VPHIB administrators in Groups 2, 3, and 4 will receive their VAv3 account information no later than 06-30-2015. All training account access information will be provided at the same time. If any administrators in groups 2, 3, or 4 need their access information sooner, please contact us using the information below.

For more information, please contact OEMS by e-mail at support@OEMSSupport.kayako.com or by phone at 804-888-9149804-888-9149.

 For assistance, as usual, please contact VPHIB/VSTR Support at http://oemssupport.kayako.com/ or e:mail Support@OEMSSupport.Kayako.com or call 804.888.9149

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