VPHIB v3 Provider Impression List (rev. 5/1/15)
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Attached is the list of Provider’s Primary Impression (eSituation.12) or Provider’s Secondary Impression (eSituation.13) accepted by VPHIB. We are committed to being flexible with the submission of provider impressions, but need to utilize best practices based upon ICD10-CM diagnosis codes. When an agency determines it needs to collect an impression that is not listed; a request to add an additional impression will need to be submitted to OEMS prior to submission.

Agencies and software vendors are encouraged to request additional impression codes as early as possible. Upon request to add an impression, OEMS will evaluate the request and determine if the requested impression is duplicate to an existing code or if a better code should be used based on the national EMS data standard.

OEMS will take one or more of the following actions when additional impressions are requested:

  • If the impression is available within ICD10-CM;
  • Add the additional impression to the VPHIB impression list.
  • Review existing codes for an equivalent impression and advise the agency/vendor of the correct/better code to use.
  • If the impression being requested already exists we may advise the agency/vendor to simply re-label its impression.
  • If the impression already exist; OEMS may add the requested impression to VPHIB, but have the new impression code map to an existing impression.
  • If the procedure is not available within ICD10-CM; OEMS will work with NEMSIS TAC, our vendor, and other states to determine how to best collect the impression being requested. This could be a timely process and agencies/vendors may need to create a custom element to capture the requested impression.

Agencies are highly encouraged to avoid creating mappings within their software products when setting up providers impressions and other lists. Mapping should be a last resort in order to prevent breaking the data standard and having data quality issues. Consult OEMS prior creating any mappings that are connected with the mandatory data element.

 vphib provider impression list v3.2.0 5-1-15.pdf (71.09 KB)
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