VPHIB v3 Medication List v3.2.0 (rev 5/1//15)
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Attached is the list of medications used by VPHIB for use with eMedication.03/Medication Given and dConfiguration.04/Medications Permitted by the State. We are committed to being flexible with the submission of medication codes, but need to utilize best practices based upon the RxNorm national data standard.

It is the intent of the State to allow the submission of any valid RxNorm code, which allows for the submission of any medication. Some past practices that were used and will not work in version 3 are to create duplicate medications in order to specify dosages, route of administration etc. within the name of the medication (see example below). The documentation of a medication administration will generally use more than one element to collect any single administration. The elements include:

  • eMedication.03 – Medication Given
  • eMedication.04 – Administration Route
  • eMedication.05 – Dosage
  • eMedication.06 – Dosage Units

Example: in VPHIB multiple agencies using the same vendor created a medication called “Adenosine 12 mg.” using code 156221. The correct way to have submitted Adenosine 12 mg. should have been:

  • Code: 61
  • Medication Given: Adenosine
  • Route: IV (intravenously)
  • Dosage: 12
  • Dosage Units: milligrams (mg)

Whether the dosage was 6 mg, 12 mg, or 18 mg it is the same drug and only “Adenosine” should be used. Since version 3 will use RxNorm codes vendor or agency level creation of duplicate medications will not work.

Other previously practices that will not work in version 3will be documenting medications using a generic grouping such as “Other Cardiac Drug, “Other CNS Drug” or “IV antibiotics.” Another common practice is dividing oxygen by delivery device. All methods of delivering oxygen should be reported as oxygen.

Agencies are encouraged to consult OEMS for assistance with collecting medications that cannot be found within the RxNorm standard. RxNorm is updated monthly and includes all medications available for use in the U.S. This includes study medications, new medications, etc.

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