VSTR Compliance Report March 2015
Posted by on 08 March 2015 02:04 PM

Inaugural VSTR Compliance Report March 2015

Each quarter the VDH/OEMS will develop and post a VSTR Compliance Report and VSTR Data Quality Dashboard.  The compliance report will be based on the requirement that all trauma patients be submitted within 30 days of discharge for hospitals and quarterly for designated trauma centers.  The volume of anticipated patients is determined based on past submissions and/or from other validated data sources.

In the near future a Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) will also be distributed with the compliance report and be based on each hospital’s average monthly quality of records submitted and will be based on receiving a score of 98% or better.  The DQD is still under development and will not be released until a comprehensive review of existing validation rules and additional rules that were left off during implementation are turned on. 

Until the DQD is completed compliance will only address non-submission and under reporting.  The March 2015 has been developed as a For-Your-Information only and compliance notifications will not be made based on the March 2015 report.  Submission compliance will begin with the April 2015 VSTR Compliance Report.

For assistance with submissions or other questions contact VSTR/VPHIB Support online at http://Support@OEMSSupport.Kayako.com, e-mail Support@OEMSSupport.Kayako.com or call 804.888.9149.    

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