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Update 5/11/2015 - Virginia attempted to provide a state dataset file, but at this time the technology does not exist to fully provide the Virginia specific information needed.  Please utilize the other resources posted.

Attached is Virginia’s “State Dataset File”.  It is being provided as a courtesy to third party vendors in hopes to decrease their burden assisting their customers in Virginia.  Virginia’s State Dataset File should in no way be construed as containing all of our mandatory data elements, data values, and list items.  The VPHIB Data Dictionary, VPHIB VAv3 Validation Rules, and the various “lists” are the best source of information.

Below is the information on the NEMSIS Website explaining the State Dataset File concept.

Overview:  This guide helps state data managers use the NEMSIS V3 State Data Set Builder to generate State Data Set files.

Purpose:  EMS agencies and their software vendors must have certain information about their state’s EMS practice requirements available in order to accurately configure their patient care reporting software to meet state requirements. The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (NEMSIS TAC) has created a StateDataSet XML Schema (XSD) to provide a consistent format in which to share NEMSIS V3 states pecific information. Vendors are not required to support StateDataSet in their software at this time. However, StateDataSet has advantages over other methods of conveying state-specific information:

  • StateDataSet files can be validated using the NEMSIS StateDataSet XSD.
  • StateDataSet files can be easily processed by systems.
  • StateDataSet files can be easily viewed online in human-readable form.
  • StateDataSet is based directly on the core NEMSIS V3 XSDs.
  • StateDataSet files contain the following information regarding a state or territory:
    • Custom Data Elements
    • State Required Elements
    • State Certification/Licensure Levels
    • Procedures Permitted by the State
    • Medications Permitted by the State
    • Protocols Permitted by the State
    • EMS Agencies
    • Facilities (hospitals, etc.)

Vendors of state-level systems are encouraged to build into their systems the ability to generate StateDataSet files. Vendors of local-level systems are encouraged to build into their systems the ability to process StateDataSet files as part of configuration. Since support for StateDataSet is not mandatory, the NEMSIS TAC also provides a web-based State Data Set Builder. If your state vendor supports the generation of StateDataSet files from your state system, you do not need to use the NEMSIS State Data Set Builder. However, the NEMSIS V3 State Data Set Builder is available to all states free of charge to help promote the adoption of StateDataSet as the best way to ensure accurate and consistent configuration of all EMS software across your state and as a quick way to distribute updated information to all software across the state when changes occur.

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