Hospital List and Codes - Virginia Elite (revision 02.2021)
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Attached is the current list of hospitals within the Virginia Elite system and their corresponding codes.

Special Note for agencies using 3rd party systems and importing data into the Virginia Elite system: 

As has been stated on several notices as well as documented in the Virginia Data Dictionary (current version, destination names submitted (eDisposition.01) must be an exact match (generic code names are exempt) to the list published by OEMS.  Also, all destination codes (eDisposition.02) must be an exact match to the list published by OEMS.  That list is attached below in both a PDF and spreadsheet format (both formats contain the same information).

Beginning on 09/18/2018 with the deployment of the new Schematron file, any record submitted where the destination name (eDisposition.01) and destination code (eDisposition.02) is not an exact match to the list published by OEMS will be rejected and not imported into the Virginia Elite system.  This action is being taken because of the numerous invalid destination names and destination name/code mismatches being submitted.  Even though a record is rejected, agencies are still responsible for correcting any data that fails to import and submit the record as required under state regulations. 

During the 1st half of 2018, over 380,000 records were submitted to the Virginia Elite system where an Arrived at Destination Date/Time was recorded.  Out of those, over 64,000 records had destination names not matching the published list.  Many destinations had up to 6 different variations in how the destination name was documented some of which were very different from the actual destination name.  One destination had 18 different variations in how its name was documented.  Over 10,000 records had “Not” values submitted instead of the actual name or code making it practically impossible to know where the agency transported the patient.  There were instances where destination names were assigned the wrong code by the submitting agency.  Issues like this affect many of the research projects the state is expected to participate in as well as affecting a hospital's ability to access the correct patient care reports.

Per previous communications, if an agency sees that a destination name needs to be updated, all the agency has to do is contact support ( and let us know which destination needs to be updated and what to update.  Per the attached change log, OEMS has updated several locations and we do not have any problem making these types of changes.  Our goal is not to mandate destination names but rather to ensure that the destination data submitted is correct and consistent across the state.  All requests will be reviewed and either the destination name/code will be added/updated or the agency will be directed as to which existing name/code to use. 

Please note that new Schematron files will have to be created when destination names/codes are updated or added.  Because of the time it takes to create these and for vendors to deploy them, please allow approximately 3 months before the changes will be made.  The next Schematron release is currently scheduled to occur on 03/15/2021.  Our plan will be to collect change requests for a period of time, have a new Schematron file created/deployed, and repeat the process about every 3 to 4 months.  During the time between these deployments, agencies will need to continue to use the existing destination info or generic code as directed by OEMS.  If no changes are requested, then new Schematron files will not be needed.

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