Knowledgebase: Virginia Elite (V3)
Enhancement Requests
Posted by , Last modified by on 14 April 2011 10:17 AM

OEMS welcomes enhancement requests, but cannot individually respond to each agency's requests.  So what occurs with your enhancement requests?  An enhancement request submitted into the VPHIB Support Suite is reviewed to ensure it is not a "bug."  If the request is solely an enhancement request users can expect an acknolwdgement and that the request is stored in the system.  OEMS periodically reviews enhancement requests and considers if the request is desired statewide and for its implications on statewide data collection. 

If an enhancement appears to be of benefit to the system there are several ways it may be considered; can OEMS independently initiate the enhancement, a request for an enhancement may be sent to ImageTrend, consideration on a national level is considered and possibly discussed with other state data managers, and finally is the enhancement affected by the future plans by NEMSIS which OEMS actively participates.

Requests are considered periodically as other changes to the system are considered.  There is no planned timeline for reviews of enhancements.  Users should not anticipate each individual enhancement request will be personally responded to, they are considered a no response request.