eHistory.12 - Patient's Medications (Updated 11/24/15)
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Unlike VPHIB’s version 2; version 3 collects the patient’s currently prescribed medications. In addition, the patient’s current medication uses the RxNorm standard to collect and store the patient's current medications in the background to bring EMS in-line with other health care services. The attached document(s) below have a suggested list of 866 medications prescribed in Virginia.  Also, attached are the two resource documents that were used by VPHIB staffs to pair-down the list 12,616 prescribable medications in RxNorm.

eHistory.12/Patient's Current Medications is not restricted and other valid codes can be submitted.  We highly encourage the use of this suggested list and its method to make data utilization easier for agencies and statewide use.  Requests for addition medications can be submitted via support suite for consideration.


 va medicaid preferred drug list 2015.pdf (1.52 MB)
 anthem most common prescribed meda 2015.pdf (106.88 KB)
 nemsis_v3_suggested_list_ehistory.12.pdf (612.96 KB)
 vphib patients meds (ehistory.12) v3.1.1 11-24-15.xlsx (953.54 KB)
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