VPHIB v3 Revised Timeline
Posted by Dwight Crews, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 31 October 2016 10:09 AM

VPHIB v3 Revised Timeline

The Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) is transitioning the Virginia Pre-Hospital Information Bridge (VPHIB) to the Virginia Elite system which meets the NEMSIS Version 3 National standards.  All EMS agencies have to be switched to a Version 3 reporting system no later than December 31, 2016.   This deadline is aligned with the NEMSIS national deadline.

Pursuant to 12VAC5-31-560 of the Virginia EMS Regulations pertaining to patient care records, EMS agencies are required to submit data on a schedule established by the OEMS as authorized in §32.1-116.1 of the Code of Virginia. Failure to comply with data reporting requirements may result in enforcement actions.

Once the deadline date has passed, Virginia will no longer accept data in a NEMSIS version 2 format for any records with an incident date of 01/01/2017 or greater. 

Below is an updated Virginia Elite (v3) Compliance Report as of 9/28/2016.  Agencies are listed with a compliance status as either 'Yes' - Currently Reporting under V3, or 'No' - Not Reporting under V3.  The compliance deadline date reflects agencies original group deadline date as well as if your agency was granted any extensions.

*Note – Federal EMS agencies within Virginia while not required to report and not included on this document, still need to insure the above deadline is met if those agencies select to report EMS records to Virginia. 

For more information on the transition to NEMSIS Version 3, please contact OEMS support (support@OEMSsupport.kayako.com).

 Virginia Elite Implementation Compliance Summary By Agency 09-28-16.pdf (237.96 KB)
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