Available Signatures and Signature information in VAv3 (Elite)
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 16 November 2017 09:15 AM

This article covers the signatures currently available in VAv3, a tip on why a signature paragraph may not appear, and a process for requesting additional selections.

Currently (as of 11-16-2017), there are 13 signature reasons available with 21 associated “Type of Person Signing” choices to select from.  The PDF document attached at the bottom of this article provides a list detailing out the following:

  •      Signature Reason – The reason the signature is being requested
  •           “Type of Person Signing” selections – The choice that needs to be made which designates the type of person that will be signing for the specific reason (i.e. Patient, Healthcare Provider, etc.)
  •          Signature Paragraph – The information that describes what the individual is signing for. 

When using the states VAv3 (Elite) system, keep in mind that users have to select, the correct Signature Reason, Language (currently English is the only selection), and the correct corresponding “Type of Person Signing” for the Signature Paragraph to appear.  For example, if the signature reason of “Release for Billing” is selected, the signature paragraph will only appear if the “Type of Person Signing” selected is either Patient or Patient Representative.  If any other “Type of Person Signing” is selected, the signature paragraph will not appear.  The PDF attached to this article list the choices available for each signature reason and who must be selected in order for the signature paragraph to appear.

OEMS is very open to adding additional signature choices so long as they stay within the NEMSIS 3 standards.  Any request needs to be sent via e-mail to  If you see that an additional person should be added to an existing signature, please send over:

  • The “Type of Person Signing” choice to be added
  • Which signature reason to add the “Type of Person Signing” choice to.

If you see that an additional signature needs to be added, please send over:

  • The requested signature reason 
  • The type or types of persons that would normally sign for this reason  
  • A recommended signature paragraph

Again, we will be following the NEMSIS 3.0 standards.  If a specific request doesn’t easily fit into this, OEMS will contact the requester to review the available options. 

Once the request has been reviewed and approved, global notifications will be sent when the changes have been made.  So that changes to these are not random in nature, updates or additions to signature selections will only be released along with notifications being sent on the 1st Monday after the 15th of each month. 

 Available Signatures 11162017.pdf (50.95 KB)
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