Validation Reports – Available in the Virginia Elite system under Report Writer
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 07 August 2019 08:43 AM

There are validation reports available that can be used by Agency Administrators to help with understanding what sort of validation issues are occurring with posted/submitted records.  These reports (there are 3) that can be used in combination to help identify overall validity scores per record, the frequency issues that are occurring, and which records are affected.  Below is a description of each report.

  • Agency Validation Report – Individual Record Scores: This report provides a list of all records and the validation score for each record for the date range specified when the report is run. The default sort order is based on the validity score (lowest to highest).
  • Agency Validation Report – Rule Summary: This report provides a list of all validation rule errors that occurred and the number of times each error occurred. The default sort order is based on the number of errors per rule (highest to lowest) within the specified date range.  This report can be used to identify those issues that are occurring more frequently. 
  • Agency Validation Report – All Error Messages: This report provides a list of all records and the validation rule error listed for each record within the specified date range. Once this report has been run, the data can be exported into a spreadsheet.  Then using the Rule Summary Report, the user can filter this report by the rule id’s and see exactly which records have issues with those specific rules.  It is important to note that, if the same validation issue occurs more than once on a specific record, the "All Error Messages" report only shows the validation issue one time.

To access these reports, follow these steps:

  • Log into the Virginia Elite system (
  • Select Tools from the menu bar
  • Select Report Writer
  • When the Report Writer screen comes up, scroll down until you see a folder labeled Validity
  • Click on this folder to open it and you will see the 3 reports described above

To run any of these report, simply click on the report, select the agency you wish to run the report for (if the individual running the report only has access to one agency, this can be skipped), enter in the date range you want to check, and select Generate Report (top right or bottom left).  Once the information is displayed on the screen, if the user wants to download the data into a spreadsheet for additional analysis, just use the Actions tab at the top, select Export, and choose CSV.  If there is a spreadsheet program installed on the computer (such as MS Excel), the file exported can be opened using that program. 

Please contact support via email ( for questions.

(originally posted Nov - 2017)