Required Agency Demographics Information - 2017
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 13 November 2018 02:56 PM

As part of our continuing effort to improve data quality, OEMS has been reviewing agency demographic information.  During this review, we have discovered multiple issues with missing and or incomplete information.  At this time, we need all agencies to do a complete review of the demographics data stored in the Virginia Elite system and either add or update all required information accordingly. 

The attached document (PDF file) describes what data is required, where in the Virginia Elite system this data is located, and how to manually update this information when needed.  For agencies that own an EMS reporting system (3rd party vendor), your vendor may be able to extract the required demographics info from your system and submit that electronically to the Virginia Elite system.  If the vendor is not able to accomplish this or is only able to accomplish this in part, the agency is still required to submit the demographics data as required even if that must be done manually by the agency. 

Since, most likely, this is the 1st time a lot of agencies have reviewed their demographics information, we’re asking agencies to have this review completed and information updated by close of business on 02/28/2018.  Based on the date of the original notice (sent out during the week of 12/11/2017), this gives agencies approximately 11 weeks to complete this review and update any information accordingly.

Going forward, agencies will need to do a complete review of demographics information each January making sure any updates or changes have been made no later than January 31st of each year.  As an ongoing process, agencies should review this information during the year (we recommend quarterly) and make changes or updates as needed.  By doing this, an agency should not become overwhelmed each January trying to get everything updated.

For questions, please contact support via email at:

 Demographic Requirements V1R1.pdf (1.17 MB)