Changes to the Virginia EMR (incident form) effective 01/03/2018
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 28 December 2017 04:12 PM

The following changes to the Virginia EMR will be going into effect the morning of 01/03/2018 at 8:00 AM.  These changes will not have any impact on functionality.  The adjustments are being made to enhance the ability to collect information and to improve accuracy. 

  • Adjustment to the “Destination/Transferred to, Code:” field located under the Transport -> Transport Info panel.
    • This field is being changed to “Read Only”. The code automatically fills in when the “Destination/Transferred to, Name:” field is selected.  This code will still be visible on the form once the facility name has been selected.  This action is being taken to prevent the accidental change in a facility code.  The Hospital Hub program uses this code to determine which facility can access which record.  If a code were inadvertently changed, it could potentially allow the incorrect facility to have access to a patient’s pre-hospital medical information. 
  • Added a new “Line of Duty Injury” section.
    • This new section has been added to allow agencies to record any “Suspected EMS Work Related Exposure, Injury, or Death” events related to the incident. Once on this panel, select Add to see the fields available.  A separate entry can be added for each crew member if needed.
    • Please note:
      • If one of the “other” choices is selected under “The Type of Work-Related Injury, Death or Suspected Exposure:” field, the expectation is that additional information will be documented in the “The Type of Work-Related Injury, Death or Suspected Exposure - Other:” text field.
      • If the “other” choice is selected under the “Personal Protective Equipment Used:” field, the expectation is that additional information will be documented in the “Personal Protective Equipment Used - Other:” text field.

With the new section being added to the existing Virginia EMR form, the “Line-of-Duty Injury/Death Reporting” choice from the Incidents menu is being deactivated.

For those agencies that have taken advantage of Form Manager access, you must add the “Line of Duty Injury” section to your custom form.  While there are currently no validation rules in place for this section, state level rules may be added depending on the information we receive over the next several months. 

As for making the “Destination/Transferred to, Code:” field “read only” on your custom form if you use this field, we highly recommend taking this action to avoid any potential issues with Hospital Hub record access.

For those agencies that use the Virginia Elite system exclusively, we recommend making sure all records created in Elite Field are posted prior to OEMS making these changes the morning of 01/03/2018.  While no issues are anticipated, it is best practice to post existing records prior to any form changes being made. 

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