Form change 07.17.2018: Location Lookup vs Set From Postal Code
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 02 July 2018 02:35 PM

The Virginia EMR form is being updated on 07.17.2018 and the Set From Postal Code option is being replaced with the Location Lookup option.  This is used to lookup town, county/independent city, and state information by entering in the zip code and selecting the option.  The Location Lookup option provides more valid choices for users to select from eliminating 99% of the need for users to manually enter in this type of information.

The 2 page PDF attached to this article describes the difference between how these two options look and function.  It is recommend all agencies that use the Virginia Elite exclusively review this to ensure all providers are aware of how this works before the change is implemented on 07.17.2018.

For questions, please contact support via email:

 Address FAQ - Differences between Location Lookup and Set from Postal Code.pdf (90.31 KB)