Demographics Update (no-reply)
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 19 February 2019 01:03 PM

To EMS Agency Leadership:

The attached letter is a reminder that all demographics data for 2018 needs to be reviewed and updated as required per state regulations by the deadline stated in the letter.  We are sending this notice to all identified leadership email addresses listed on the agency’s EMS license on file with OEMS.     

Part of the requirement stipulates all agencies to establish “Primary Contacts” in the Virginia Elite system.  Once all agencies have done this, we will use the Primary Contact information for these types of notices.  Until that occurs (to date, less than 25% of all agencies have established any Primary Contacts), we will continue to communicate these types of notices to agency leadership.

For questions, please contact support via email at

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


***Please do not respond to this email*** 

Over 1000 emails regarding this were sent and we cannot guarantee a response.  Questions must be submitted to the support email address listed above.