Upload Error for Element E02_05
Posted by on 18 May 2011 05:01 PM

Receiving an error when trying to upload data:

Element - E02_05

Field, -5, -10, -15, -20, 75, 411007...

This error was received because you were not submitting valid data as defined in Virginia. The best resource for knowing what data elements are required and what fields within those elements are accepted is by accessing the "Data Dictionary" in the knowledge base here in the support suite, in the VPHIB knowledge base, or the OEMS VPHIB web page. These requirements were originally distributed in July 2009 and became effective during your areas implementation in January/February 2010.

With E02_05, Primary Role of the Unit, we do not accept a value of 15. I am assuming you are referring to -15 which means "not reporting." Not reporting cannot be a valid response to a required data element. For E02_05 the field values accepted are 411000 ALS ground transport, 411001 BLS ground transport, 65 ALS first responder, 411015 BLS first responder, 411006 Medevac/HEMS, 70 supervisor, 411002 critical care ground transport, 411003 Rescue (extrication etc.) 411005 other transport.

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