Invalid Values – June 2019
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 05 August 2019 08:17 AM

The spreadsheet attached below contains a list of all invalid values submitted by agencies during June 2019.  Invalid values (also known as non-standard items) are values defined as items not part of the minimum data set requirements outlined in the Virginia Data Dictionary or are not part of the NEMSIS 3 standard.   

Agencies need to download this spreadsheet and filter it by the agency number or name to see if your agency is listed.  If your agency is listed, appropriate action needs to be taken by your agency (work with your 3rd party vendor on mapping or ensure your providers document county and state names correctly) to ensure no additional invalid values are submitted going forward.

The Virginia Data Dictionary contains a list of valid values by element, where applicable, that agencies can submit.  Agencies and 3rd party vendors need to note that certain values under certain elements have been purposely crossed out of the Virginia Data Dictionary.  Values crossed out are considered invalid and unacceptable.

The current copy of the Virginia Data Dictionary can be found and download for reference at the following website:

In June, agencies submitted in excess of 57,000 invalid values.  When agencies submit values like these, it drastically affects the states ability to perform consistent or accurate research.  This is why it is extremely important agencies follow the Virginia Data Dictionary data requirements or the NEMSIS 3 data standards when an item is not explicitly defined by the state.

For general questions, please contact support via email:

 Invalid items by agency.xlsx (53.34 KB)