Virginia Validation Rule Changes - New and Updated Rules (Effective 07.27.2020)
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 14 February 2021 08:56 AM

(Note:  This document was updated on 07.20.2020 to reflect the fact that two rules were removed (2070 & 2071) that will not be going into effect on 07.27/2020)

On 07.27.2020, new and update validation rules will go into effect.  The attached PDF document is a visual representation of how the new and updated rules appear in the Virginia Elite system.  It is hoped this document and this article will answer any questions and help users prepare for the upcoming changes.

While all agencies need to review all changes, this article attempts to address some differences OEMS is aware of regarding how various agencies may need to interpret certain types of rules (again, all rules need to be reviewed).  These differences are dependent upon the EMS software system used by the individual agency.  This next section describes the impact agencies need to be aware of based on OEMS’s understanding of how each system works.

Virginia Elite direct-entry agencies:

Validation rules where the Schematron Export option is set to “Yes=Fatal” may not greatly impact direct entry users.  Direct entry agencies have never been able to select invalid values.  However, some “Not” values were allowed but should have only been used in certain circumstances.  The use of “Not” values within these specific rules have been tighten (and point values increased) to ensure these “Not” values are only used when appropriate. 

3rd Party systems:

ImageTrend agencies:  Since many agencies have an ImageTrend Elite system and use custom values Virginia considers invalid, it is highly recommended these agencies work with ImageTrend to ensure your validation rules are properly updated before importing these from the ImageTrend Library.  Your agency may not wish to add any rules where the Schematron Export option is set to “Yes=Fatal”.  These rules block all values considered by OEMS to be invalid for the element specified per the Virginia Data Dictionary.  It is important to note that these rules had to be created to ensure “Not” value compliance and that a proper Schematron file could be created.  These Schematron changes will also be going into effect on 07.27.2020 to block the submission of invalid values for the elements listed in this document where the Schematron Export option is set to “Yes=Fatal”.  Agencies must ensure exports mappings are in place so all records are submitted as required under Virginia state regulations

Non-ImageTrend agencies: While your agency may not have the ability to directly import validation rules, it is still recommended you work with your vendor to ensure your system is properly updated.  The new Schematron file going into effect on 07.27.2020 will effectively block all invalid values per the Virginia Data Dictionary for the rules where the Schematron Export option is set to “Yes=Fatal .  As with ImageTrend 3rd party systems, your agency must ensure exports mappings are in place (or other methods per your vendor) so all records are submitted as required under Virginia state regulations.

In conjunction with the release of these new and updated rules, a new Virginia Data Dictionary and a new Schematron file (as previously mentioned) have been produced.  For more information on these, please use the below links and refer to those specific articles:

Virginia Data Dictionary (effective 07.27.2020):

Schematron (effective 07.27.2020)

While this article attempts to answer many questions, OEMS realizes this article may not address every question.  We realize these changes can be complex because of the multiple ways agencies submit data and the number of EMS software systems used by the different agencies in Virginia. 

If, after first communicating with your vendor, an agency (or vendor) has questions or needs any additional clarification, please do not hesitate to contact OEMS support via email:

 Validation Rule Changes 07272020 V1R2.pdf (2.14 MB)