No Runs to Submit
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How to Report No Runs Submitted to VPHIB 

Low volume agencies that do not have any EMS responses to report for any given month should sign on to VPHIB and report that there are “No Responses to Submit (NSR).”  Without reporting NSR your agency will show “0” calls and could be mistaken for being non-compliant.  NSR’s will be manually validated.

Step 1:  Sign into VPHIB.  If you have forgotten your pass word click on “Forgot your password?” 

Step 2:  After you have signed on, click on “No Runs to Submit” on the bottom of the left hand menu bar. 

Step 3:  Click on the “edit” button or the “No EMS Runs” 

Step 4:  Select the Month and Year you are reporting No Runs to Submit and click OK 

Step 5:   Confirm that the month and year that you are reporting is listed

More detailed instructions can be found in the attached document

 no runs to submit - instructions.pdf (136.01 KB)
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