October 2020 Data Quality report for Hospitals
Posted by Barry Reeves on 02 December 2020 01:00 PM

As per Code of Virginia § 32.1-116.1(C) states “All licensed hospitals which render emergency medical services shall participate in the Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry by making available to the Commissioner or his designees abstracts of the records of all patients admitted to the institutions with diagnoses related to trauma. The abstracts shall be submitted in the format prescribed by the Department and shall include the minimum data set prescribed by the Board.”


Attached to this article is the quality report for the month of October. This report will also show the average validation scores for data received the previous 5 months at the Office of EMS. The format is as follows: green is “good”, yellow is “needs improvement” and red “poor”. If your facility has any blue fields, we have not received any submissions for that corresponding month. Please download and review to make the appropriate changes for future submissions if applicable. If your facility submitted records after the 30-day patient discharge requirement, it will show up as “failed to submit” on this report. You can view OEMS reporting requirements here:


In addition, please review the VSTR Administration Procedure document at This document will be in full effect on January 1, 2021. Please read, review, and adhere to the standards provided, as it is now policy.


For questions, please contact OEMS support:

 Hospitals Data Quality report for October 2020.pdf (426.44 KB)
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