Virginia Elite v3 Data Dictionary Version (Effective date - 03.15.2021)
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 14 February 2021 09:07 AM

OEMS has revised and is publishing an updated EMS Virginia Data Dictionary (version along with a version change document.  The version change document attached to this article (Data Dictionary Change Log v3.4.0.3 to v3.4.0.4) documents the changes made from the previous data dictionary.

The data dictionary changes will not go into effect until 03.15.2021.  It is being released early so agencies and vendors will have an opportunity to review the documents and adjust their internal reporting systems if needed.

As in the past, agencies may submit beyond the minimum dataset as outlined in the Virginia Data Dictionary.  However, there are considerations agencies and their vendors must adhere to.

Agencies must only submit NEMSIS 3 data. While many EMS systems allow for customization, agencies must ensure any customized values used that are non-NEMSIS 3 standard values or not listed in the Virginia Data Dictionary are mapped upon export to NEMSIS 3 standard values.  Data values outside of the standards established by both Virginia and NEMSIS cannot be submitted.

Any items crossed out (including “Not” values) in the Virginia Data Dictionary cannot be submitted. As with customized values, if an agency determines it must use a value the state has deliberately crossed out in the Virginia Data Dictionary, the agency must ensure the value is mapped upon export to a value that is acceptable to the state.

Spelling issues. For fields that allow “free text” (the user is allowed to type into the field), agencies must ensure all information entered is spelled correctly.

If an agency has mapping questions, your agency's EMS software vendor should always be your first point of contact.  While OEMS personnel are available to make mapping recommendations, we cannot instruct agencies on performing those actions in their system.  An agency may have outside integrations, such as CAD or Billing, which could be adversely affected if data mappings are handled incorrectly.  This is why an agency's software vendor must be the primary resource when making system changes.

OEMS also recommends software vendors contact their customers and make sure they are up to date on Virginia requirements.  Many times, OEMS will contact an agency concerning a data issue only to have the agency state their vendor is supposed to be making sure all of this is working correctly.  If any agency or vendor needs a recommendation on what values to map to, please contact support and we will be more than glad to assist.

For question concerning any of this, please contact OEMS support via email:

 EMS Virginia Data Dictionary (20.33 MB)
 Data Dictionary Change Log v3.4.0.3 to v3.4.0.4.pdf (54.83 KB)