Virginia Schematron – Effective 03.15.2021
Posted by Bryan Hodges, Last modified by Bryan Hodges on 15 February 2021 11:06 AM

A new Schematron file (attached to this article) will be going into effect on Monday, March 15, 2021. 

NEMSIS will be posting this on their website by 02.19.2021.  When this occurs, we will modify this article to include a link to that site.

Direct Entry agencies do not need to take any actions regarding this.

We highly recommend agencies contact their EMS software vendors and ensure they are aware of the upcoming Schematron file.  We have communicated this to as many software vendors as we have contact information for but we cannot guarantee our information is up to date. 

The Virginia Elite system will be updated with this new Schematron file before noon on 03.15.2021.  Since there could be timing issues between agencies applying the new Schematron file and the new file being applied to the Virginia Elite system, agencies submitting records via web services are highly encouraged to monitor their systems for submission failures.  We will do our best to notify agencies of any failures we detect.  However, some submissions may fail without creating an audit record in our system.  When this occurs, we do not have any visibility regarding those failures.   

Due to the nature of the exact facility matching requirements, agencies need to ensure their facility names are up to date when the new Schematron files are applied.  As stated above, the new Schematron file will not be applied to the Virginia Elite system until 03.15.2021.  Therefore, agencies cannot submit new facility names until that date.  This is another reason we highly encourage agencies to monitor their systems for any submission failures.  The facility updates are included in the latest State Data Set file available to all vendors on the NEMSIS website at:

A spreadsheet and change document covering all facilities is also available on the Knowledgebase at:

It is imperative agencies work with their vendors to ensure the Schematron file is applied properly and avoid any data submission issues. 

For questions, please contact OEMS support:

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