Modification to the upcoming Virginia Data Dictionary
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 20 July 2020 06:58 PM

After the release of the Virginia Data Dictionary (version, NEMSIS released additional national values.  Those are:

  • 24 - Destination Team Pre-Arrival Alert or Activation
    • Code 4224021 - Yes-Biological/Infectious Precautions
  • 03 - Personal Protective Equipment Used
    • 4503025 Face Shields
    • 4503027 Gown
    • 4503029 Full Isolation Non HazMat Suit

Since these values are relevant to the current COVID-19 situation, the decision was made to add these values now and update the dictionary accordingly.  The new Virginia Data Dictionary is version and is available using the same link as was previously published.  For reference, that link is:

The addition of these values will not affect any Schematron or Validation rule updates.  The change log was also updated to reflect the addition of these values within these two elements.

For questions, please contact OEMS support: