07.27.2020 Schematron and Validation rule delay
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 30 July 2020 09:40 AM

As with all of our current notices, we are sending these to the Super User maintained by agencies as required by Regulation and Compliance.  While we understand you may not be the individual responsible for EMS data, this is the only complete agency contact list we have.  If you are not the individual responsible for EMS data submissions, please forward this to that person. 

Due to issues found today, we are delaying the Schematron and Validation Rule changes scheduled to take effect on 07.27.2020.  The issues found cannot be corrected by the release date so delaying this is our only option.  Once these are corrected, a new release date will be scheduled and announced with as much lead-time as possible to allow agencies and their vendors to properly prepare.  We regret the inconvenience this delay may cause to both agencies and vendors but it is unavoidable.     

Direct entry users will not notice any difference or need to take any actions.  All validation rules set to go into effect on 07.27.2020 are in the process of being deactivated.  For those agencies using a 3rd party system, we have included all of the vendors we have contact information for in this notice.  However, we recommend you contact your 3rd party vendor and verify they received this notice in case our contact information is out of date. 

Going forward, we will be adding additional testing steps for both validation rules and Schematron.  While this will add additional time between releases, it is apparent more checks must be put into place.  We have also received offers from several EMS software vendors with customers in Virginia to assist us with our testing process, which we will be taking full advantage of. 

If you have any questions, please email me directly (  I will respond to everyone as quickly as possible but my responses may be delayed as this message is going out to over 600 individuals.

(this is a copy of the notice sent to all agency super users on 07.24.2020)