Two notices about the EMS Data Quality Report
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 10 November 2020 08:41 AM

(You are receiving this email because you are the superuser for your agency maintained by the Regulation and Compliance Division and this is the most stable contact list we have access to.  If you are not the individual that addresses EMS data reporting items, please forward this over to the individual(s) that do.)

First notice – Communication of data quality improvements to OEMS

Each month, the Division of Regulation and Compliance posts the EMS Data Quality report on the OEMS website.  As agencies review this, the expectation is that the agency takes actions in the Virginia Elite system for the purpose of improving their quality standings. 

The nature of the manual process OEMS must utilize when creating the EMS Data Quality Report makes it impractical to do a 6-month review each time a new report is posted.  This causes challenges in ensuring future EMS Data Quality reports reflect agency improvements.  To mitigate this, we have created an FAQ with directions on how an agency can communicate to OEMS support any data quality improvements made.   That FAQ is available on the Kayako knowledgebase at the below link: quality evaluation time line

Second notice – Standardization of Data Quality review time frame

Beginning in January 2021, OEMS will begin the process of data quality evaluation on the first business day after the 7th day of the month after the month to be evaluated.  As a result, all agencies must have records posted into the Virginia EMS data collection system no later than the close of business on the 7th business day after the end of the previous month.  This standard is being set to establish a consistent reporting timeline for both agencies and OEMS personnel. 

Based on the current 2021 calendar and taking into consideration all existing Virginia state holidays, the below table describes when the data for a month needs to be submitted by agencies and when the data will be pulled for quality evaluation for 12 months beginning with December 2020 data:

Month data quality is evaluated for

Date evaluation data is pulled

Date agencies must have data submitted by

December 2020


Close of business on 01/07/2021

January 2021


Close of business on 02/07/2021

February 2021


Close of business on 03/07/2021

March 2021


Close of business on 04/07/2021

April 2021


Close of business on 05/07/2021

May 2021


Close of business on 06/07/2021

June 2021


Close of business on 07/07/2021

July 2021


Close of business on 08/07/2021

August 2021


Close of business on 09/07/2021

September 2021


Close of business on 10/07/2021

October 2021


Close of business on 11/07/2021

November 2021


Close of business on 12/07/2021


For questions, please contact OEMS support via email (