Updates to Hospital Names – 01.11.2021
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 04 January 2021 01:19 PM

(Copy of an email sent to agency superusers)

To better facilitate research projects and to accommodate various agency requests, we are going to be updating 123 individual hospital names in the Virginia Elite system next month.  While a few of these are to correct superficial issues such as spacing or misspellings, the majority of these changes are to add the corporate/parent name to each facility. 

For example.  Currently, we have DePaul Medical Center set up in the Virginia Elite system.  When the facility name is updated, it will be Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center.  A cross-reference list showing the current name and new name for all 123 changes is available at:

Direct Entry Agencies:  To allow those agencies that use the Virginia Elite system as their only system for EMS record documentation time to review these changes, we will not begin renaming the facilities until Monday, January 11.  Due to the number of changes, it may take more than one day to complete this task.   Please use this time to review the cross-reference list (as noted above) so that your providers will be prepared when the changes are implemented.

3rd Party Agencies:  For those agencies that have their own EMS software system and submit records to Virginia via web service, you will still need to submit records using the older names due to the exact code/name matching requirements until the next Schematron file is deployed.  As of today, we anticipate the next Schematron file will be ready for vendors to deploy no later than March 15, 2021.  Once your vendor has loaded this Schematron file into your system, you will need to begin to use the new names so that EMS records submitted to Virginia are not rejected.  

For those agencies that have purchased their own ImageTrend Elite system, in addition to the updated Schematron file, OEMS will also be publishing the updated names to the ImageTrend Library once the names have been updated in the Virginia Elite system.  However, we highly recommend you coordinate any Library updates to your system with ImageTrend to ensure your agency does not encounter any issues with rejected records.  OEMS support cannot assist with these types of library updates.

For questions regarding this, please contact OEMS support: