Invalid provider certification information
Posted by Bryan Hodges on 01 March 2021 08:10 AM

(Copy of an email sent to all agency superusers)

While this message is being sent to agency superusers, we realize you may not be the individual responsible for your agency's EMS data submissions to Virginia.  However, this is the only complete list of EMS agency contacts available.  Please feel free to forward this email to any individual you deem necessary within your organization

We recently uncovered an issue with the prehospital care data submitted by EMS agencies related to certification id values for certified providers.  In 2020, agencies submitted over 120,000 invalid certification id entries for individuals the agency identified as either an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or an EMT – Paramedic on prehospital care report data.  

When an agency submits/posts a prehospital care report, the certification id for certified individuals included in the record must match the license number assigned by OEMS. This is per Virginia Data Dictionary requirements found under element eCrew.01. Agencies do not have an option when it comes to the certification id that must be submitted for state-certified individuals.

When it comes to non-certified individuals, agencies need to ensure the ids they create are unique within their agency. A recommendation regarding the format of this is provided in the Virginia Data Dictionary under both eCrew.01 and ePersonnel.23. Once an agency assigns an id number to a non-certified individual, that number should never be reused for a different individual.  A copy of the Virginia Data Dictionary is available at:

For those agencies that are doing direct entry into the Virginia Elite system, we have created a document for those agencies to use to verify and correct any errors regarding certification ids for certified providers they may find. That document is located at:

For agencies that are submitting data from a 3rd party system, you need to work with your EMS software vendor on this. You must ensure the OEMS assigned certification id is submitted for certified individuals. This is the data contained in the eCrew.01 element within the XML file. Your vendor will be able to direct you to the fields required to set up and submit the proper information.

Beginning on March 8, 2021, we will begin monitoring this information daily. If we find an agency has submitted invalid certification id information for providers the agency has identified as a certified provider (such as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), EMT – Paramedic, etc.), we will immediately forward those findings over to Regulation and Compliance Enforcement.  

For questions, please contact OEMS support: